12 Helpful Tips for Doing Hair Transplant

12 Helpful Tips for Doing Hair Transplant, Hair loss is a widespread issue all over the world. The best option to have your healthy hair back is a hair transplant procedure. There are some tips you should consider when you decide on having a hair transplant. If you follow the steps and suggestions, you can get impressive results from your hair transplant.


  • Analysis before Hair Transplant


The golden ratio is the most important criterion of all aesthetic operations today. As a result of the detailed analysis of the person’s face shape, the most aesthetically suitable hairline is determined without ignoring the old hairline. Doctors consider the points below for operational analysis.

  • The efficiency of the donor area
  • Requests of the person who will have a hair transplant
  • Whether the person’s hair loss process continues
  • Age
  • Head and face structure

In people with very intense hair loss and in older people, pulling the forehead line, a little higher will increase naturalness. A detailed analysis is necessary for a good hairline and impressive solution.


  • The Ideal Graft Number


For a natural appearance, the transplanted graft per square centimetre should not fall below a certain amount. Another factor when determining the number of grafts is the characteristic features of your hair. If the hair is thick and bushy, fewer grafts are needed for the improvement in the appearance of the hair.

About 20 to 30 grafts per square centimetre are ideal for impressive results. On the other hand, these points are essential when deciding on the grafts:

  • Your density expectation
  • The look you intend to have
  • The efficiency of your donor area

Considering these factors, a balance should be provided between opportunities and expectations, and the number of grafts to be planted should be determined this way.


  • Ideal Hair Transplant Time


According to the so-called 50% rule in the hair transplant field, when you realise that your hair becomes sparse under the light, you are actually losing 50% of your hair density. In other words, if you have 60 hair strands per square centimetre, you now have 30 hair strands per square centimetre, which is noticeable. Therefore, you should apply hair loss treatment as soon as possible.


  • Hair Transplant Prices


Budget is an essential factor when determining hair transplant operations. In Turkey, you can find hair transplant centres that offer reasonable prices for every budget. As this procedure is a critical surgery, do not prefer extremely cheap methods.


  • Expectations


The doctor should listen to your demands and perform hair transplant according to your wishes. On the other hand, you should keep your expectations at a reasonable level to get satisfying results. Fortunately, in capable hands, hair transplant gives perfect results.


  • Hair Transplant Sessions


Usually, one session of hair transplant is enough for satisfactory results. However, if you have severe hair loss, we can perform more than one session.


  • Getting Ready for the Hair Transplant


Hair transplant process begins with psychological preparation in every sense. Of course, you should do good research before getting a hair transplant. It is the process of selecting a physician and hair transplant centre. The doctor who will operate has to be a professional and can analyse his patient thoroughly.


  • Hair Transplant Technique


The most common and practical techniques for hair transplant are FUE and DHI. In these techniques, roots are taken one by one and planted one by one. It can last 6 to 9 hours, and the number of roots taken in a single session is around 3,000 to 4,500 grafts. These techniques are reliable and give impressive results.


  • Careful Follicle Collection


The doctor performing the hair transplant must complete the application without damaging the hair follicles. Besides, the correct placement of the grafts at certain angles will directly affect the outcome.


  • Selection of the Centre


There are many hair transplant centres in the world that offer quality service. It is crucial to select the right centre for healthy and excellent results. Prefer hair transplant centres with experienced staff and capable surgeons. Hair transplant centres should provide their patients with a sterile environment for healthy operation.


  • Selection of the Country


Some countries are known for their successful aesthetic procedures. Turkey is among those countries which offer a great quality of service. On the other hand, weather conditions of the country are also significant for a healthy healing period.


  • Postoperative Period


Postoperative care is as important as the operation itself. You should follow your doctor’s recommendations for a healthy postoperative period. You will see the ultimate results in six months, and you should be patient in this process.

Having established the effectiveness and success of hair transplant operations, now we look into the best places to get a hair transplant. Our team offers all-inclusive packages to ensure your comfort and satisfaction throughout the whole hair transplant journey. Contact us if you want to know more. esteGrande Instagram

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