15 Tips about Hair Transplant from Industry Experts

Hair transplant is the most efficient way to cure baldness problem. If you are having the hair-shedding problem, you may have considered it already. It is natural for you to have some questions before having the procedure. To clear your doubts, we have talked to industry experts about hair transplantation tips and brought them to your screens in this new writing. Let’s see what the experts are suggesting.

          1. Find a Good Institution.

The first step in getting a hair transplant is finding a good institution. The hair transplant procedure is quite delicate work, so it has to be performed in hygienic institutions by experienced doctors. Otherwise, instead of having healthy permanent hairs, you may get an undesirable result. 

At this point, you can get in touch with us for proper information regarding your situation. Our experts will be pleased to help you.

          2. Talk to Your Doctor.

Your doctor is the expert whom you can rely on both before and after the surgery. Do not hesitate to talk to them about any doubts in your mind. 

          3. Eat Well.

You should reorganise your diet before the hair transplant procedure. Having a diet that is rich in vitamins and proteins strengthens you and makes you more ready for the procedure. The adaptation of the hair follicles to your bald area will also be much easier.

          4. Quit Smoking.

You must quit smoking and stop drinking at least one week before the procedure. Alcohol and smoking can alter your blood’s fluidity. Moreover, you shouldn’t drink alcohol within at least one week after the procedure because of the antibiotics.  

          5. Drink Lots of Water and Fluids.

Your organs and cells will work much more effectively. For that reason, the healing process will be faster.

          6. Rest as Much as Possible and Sleep Well.

Resting is also a good method to prepare your body for the procedure. Like the previous items, sleeping well refreshes your body cells. It is very helpful for both before and after the surgery.

          7. Protect Your Head.

You must avoid getting blows on the head. Physical damages can harm the hair follicles and require the procedure to be repeated.

          8. Stay Away From Sunlight.

You must not wander around under direct sunlight. As you know, sunlight consists of some harmful rays that can be very dangerous to your head. 

          9. Be Patient.

The recovery time from hair transplants is not always short. Your hair is going to grow slowly, and it is normal. Do not expect them to grow fast after the surgery. Be patient; your scalp will meet healthy and natural-looking hair again eventually.

          10. Do not Wash Your Hair.

Wait for three days before you wash your hair. Washing after hair transplantation is a very important and sensitive process. If the hair follicles are damaged, the hairs can grow incorrectly. The first wash after the hair transplantation should be performed by the nurses at the hair transplantation centre if possible.

          11. Do not Use a Towel.

After washing, you should never use towels in the hair transplant area. It will be better to use a hairdryer instead. However, bear in mind that it shouldn’t blow too hot to your head. Otherwise, it would be very harmful for your hair.

          12. Stay Away From Physical Activities.

Sports activities, staying in a solarium, and all kinds of hairdressing services are prohibited for two weeks. It may damage the hair follicles and increase the risk of infection.

          13. Do not Use Blood Thinners.

You should not use blood thinners after the operation. It delays the healing process.

          14. Use Bandanna.

You can use bandannas or simple protective coverings for your head. They are quite effective.

          15. Be Careful During Sleep.

It is best to take extra care of your head during sleeping. It is recommended that you use a hard, small pillow for this. Furthermore, we also advise you to use a neck pillow, which doesn’t allow you to turn your side while sleeping.

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