20 Healthy Hair Habits, Greenhouse gases, dirty air, cold weather, hot weather, stress. All these factors affect our body, especially our hair and skin since they get them directly. There are also things that we do wrong in our daily routine. Protecting our hair health is not that hard; the only thing you need to change is the simple habits you have.

20 Healthy Hair Habits

How does the hair grow?

First of all, you need to understand how our hair grows. There are basically three phases of hair growth, anagen, telogen, and catagen. These phases go as a cycle throughout your life. If one step goes wrong, the cycle is not working as it should be. This means hair loss.

The anagen phase is the phase when your hair grows continuously and takes 2-3 years, The telogen phase is the resting phase which is shorter, and the catagen phase is the one when your hair falls out. Every follicle goes through these phases at different times, so the hair doesn’t fall out at the same time. For a healthy, shiny, thick hair, you need to keep the anagen phase as healthy as it can be.

New Habits to Adopt in Your Daily routine

  1. Blood vessels feed your hair follicle, the more blood flowing through inside your scalp means more food for the hair follicle. If you don’t massage your scalp in the shower, start now. This healthy habit will make your follicles healthier, and you’ll have strong hair.
  2. Another thing, do not use hot water in the shower. The hair is a nonliving thing besides the follicle, and it is heat-sensitive. Hot water will dry out your hair. Instead of hot water, you can try rinsing your hair with cold water after the shampoo. Coldwater will make your hair shine.
  3. Applying oily masks once a week is also a great habit for hair health. Thus, you will be protecting your hair from external factors.
  4.  Do not brush your hair after the masks or when its wet, wet hair is weaker so they would break easily.
  5. On hot summer days, leave your hair to dry itself instead of using a blow-dryer. As mentioned before, too much hot is always a bad idea for hair health. 
  6. When you go to the beach for a nice swim, if you apply hair oil or a nice cream on your hair, it will protect your hair from the sea salt and the sun.
  7. Stay away from the straighteners and curling irons if not necessary. You may apply heat protectant sprays before you use them if you really need to shape your hair.
  8. Blonde is cool, but the chemicals that hairdressers use to make your hair blonde are deadly for your hair. If possible, ask your hairdresser to use cleaner alternatives. 
  9. You should avoid shampoos that have too many chemicals in it. Go with sulfate-free or vegan options.
  10. Get rid of the split ends every eight weeks. This will make the growing faster, and your hair will look healthier.
  11. Avoid using hairpins. They will also break your hair.
  12. Get a bamboo hairbrush. 
  13. Start brushing your hair from the bottom.
  14. Do not wash your hair every day. Once in two days would be enough.
  15. Try applying white vinegar after the shower. It will make your hair shine.
  16. Do not sleep your hair tied.
  17. Get a silk pillowcase or something smooth to avoid splits.
  18. Try using leave-it-on oils before brushing your hair.
  19. Do not tie your hair too tight.
  20. Try to get essential nutrients daily.

     Applying these simple steps to your daily routine will make your hair healthier. After all, try to avoid too much stress since it’s the worst enemy of your health. esteGrande Instagram 

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