20 Most Powerful Natural DHT Blockers That Stop Hair Loss

DHT Blockers That Stop Hair Loss. DHT androgen male hormone which is responsible for the many characteristics in male body development including hair, deep voice and muscular body. You may think that only men produce DHT, but women do as well in a low amount.

How Does DHT Affect Hair Loss?

DHT affects hair follicles and stops producing hair. For instance, you may think that stress is one of the causes of hair loss. It is correct but in an indirect way. Stress increases testosterone and DHT. Increasing DHT levels cause hair loss. 

There are some substances that affect DHT and work as DHT blockers.

1- Zinc

Zinc is a vitamin-mineral which is also a very useful anti-androgen. It prevents testosterone from converting to DHT. Zinc is a safe substance as it is a vitamin already present in our body and has no side effects. 

2- Vitamin B6

Research has shown that vitamin B6 also prevents testosterone from converting to DHT in the scalp. 

3-Vitamin C

It is effective in treating androgen-dependent conditions such as acne and male pattern loss. 

Natural DHT Blocker Foods

4- Nuts such as almonds and cashews:

Almonds, peanuts, walnuts, walnuts and cashews are a natural source of zinc, and Vitamin E. Crunchy nuts are full of protein and a great source of biotin. Especially, almonds are highly beneficial for hair. 

5-Pumpkin seed oil

Pumpkin seed oil is another natural DHT inhibitor. If you want to consume more pumpkin seed oil, you can eat a handful of pumpkin seeds every day. Roasting pumpkin seeds may reduce some useful properties. 

6- Banana

Bananas are a vegetarian source of biotin. They bring nutrients to the scalp. 

7- White Mushroom

White mushroom has abundant zinc inside, which directly blocks DHT. 

8- Watermelon

It is ample source lycopene. You can eat slices of watermelon at any time. You can freeze them to have a healthy DHT treat. 

9- Blueberries

They are rich in Vitamin C.

10- Eggs 

Eggs are rich in biotin. Eggs also contain cysteine, an essential amino acid for hair growth.


They are necessary for proper hair growth. Oils in the avocado penetrate the hair strands and help to moisturize the hair.

Drinks and Mixtures That are Natural DHT Blockers

12- Saw Palmetto

Extraction from the fruits of a palm tree. It prevents excessive DHT production. 

13- Green tea and DHT

Green tea is rich in antioxidants.  Also, it slows or even stops the conversion of testosterone to DHT. Other hot drinks like black tea have a similar effect. 

14- Coffee

Your morning cup of coffee can help you reduce DHT production. Nevertheless, if you drink too much coffee, this may have a negative effect on testosterone.

Herbs as Natural DHT Blocker

15- Urtica

It slows the cycle of DHT and testosterone, which causes male pattern hair loss.

16- Geranium and horsetail grass

Apply with a strong massage and do not rinse, and do not dry with a hairdryer. Let it dry naturally. If you take this treatment three times a week, you will see the results.

17- Stinging nettle 

It is a plant you can find in parts of North America, Europe, and Asia, and it’s an excellent topical DHT blocker.

18- Rosemary

You should make some mixtures with rosemary, which is extremely helpful to cure hair loss.

19- Stop eating sugar

Watch out for packaged and processed foods that may contain sugar.

20- Increase your iron

You may have a lower iron than you must have. This is one of the common causes of the spill.

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