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Day: January 8, 2020

Artificial Hair Transplant

First artificial hair transplant is towards the end of the 1970s. First of all, it is necessary to know that artificial hair/bio fibre hair is different than a wig or artificial hair prosthesis. People who suffer from hair loss and whose donor area is not suitable for hair transplantation

Robotic Hair Transplant

FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) hair transplant is superior to other traditional hair transplant methods in many ways. The patient does not have any physical limitations or permanent scars after an FUE hair transplant operation. That is why the FUE hair transplant

Smelly Hair Syndrome

Smelly Hair Syndrome (SHS), as the name indicates, is the issue of having bad odours coming from your scalp and hair. This issue can be very problematic and cause you to lose confidence. But don’t worry.Smelly Hair Syndrome is easily treatable.

Why Younger Men Lose Hair?

Hair loss is a well-known problem for men. We are used to relating baldness with ageing. Yet, studies in recent years show that the number of young people suffering from hair loss is increasing.  A 20 years old bald man might sound strange, but they do exist

Diffuse Thinning Hair Transplant

If you are suffering from hair problems such as shedding or hair loss, you are not the only one. Both men and women can encounter these issues regardless of age. The reasons behind these problems differ from one person to another.

Best Hair Transplant Methods

There are 3 main hair transplant methods in use today. From oldest to the newest they go like this: FUT (follicular unit transplantation, sometimes called FUSS for follicular unit strip surgery) FUE (follicular unit extraction) and DHI (direct hair implantation).  

Top Hair Restoration Technologies for 2020

New Technology Hair Transplant, Hair loss may sound like a modern problem. But countless people throughout history have considered it to be an uncomfortable situation.