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Day: February 11, 2020

Is There a Cure for Hereditary Baldness?

People suffering from androgenetic alopecia often ask any doctor if there is a cure for hereditary baldness. If they knew the mechanisms behind the process of hair loss, they would know the answer already.

Stress-related Hair Loss

Stress-related Hair Loss, Almost everyone nowadays experiences depression and stress due to different professional or personal reasons. It can result in

Pre-wedding Hair Transplant

Pre-wedding Hair Transplant, A beautiful wedding usually requires meticulous planning and organization. Because having an unforgettable wedding is what any happy couple would want to have. This can be a quite stressful

Is Genetic Hair Loss Really Curable?

Is Genetic Hair Loss Really Curable? The short answer would be “no,” genetic hair loss is not curable at all. But there are some treatments that can remedy its effect to a degree. 

Psychological Effects Hair Loss Can Have

Psychological Effects Hair Loss Can Have, Hair loss may not be a fatal condition, but it is a life-altering condition. The importance we put around having thick, luscious hair is enormous. For humanity, looks do matter; it is instinctual.

Hair Shaft Thickness and Hair Transplants

Hair Shaft Thickness and Hair Transplants, Growing old means thinning, hair loss and in worst-case scenario “baldness”. Majority of us face slow hair loss to major hair loss. Facing thinning or balding at a very young