3 Big Reasons to Get Hair Transplant Surgery Abroad

3 Big Reasons to Get Hair Transplant Surgery Abroad, Geographically located between Europe and Asia, Turkey is a country with remarkable sights and history. It is a pleasure to explore the deep traces of the Middle East, Asia and Anatolian culture in this country which is oriented towards Europe in terms of its current approach in using technology, city culture and transportation.

3 Big Reasons to Get Hair Transplant Surgery Abroad

There is also exciting data that refers to the place of Turkey in world health tourism. This country, which is commonly preferred for holidays, has become a trendy destination for aesthetics and health applications in the last ten years. There are some reasons for this demand.

  • Transportation is easy, comfortable and 24-hour uninterrupted
  • The number of specialist physicians and their expertise is world-class
  • All kinds of health technology you can reach 
  • The prices are also more attractive

 Of course, for nearly ten years, quite important applications were performed in Turkey in terms of health tourism. All this work and successful aesthetic applications made Turkey one of the most preferred countries in the world for healthcare applications. There are three main reasons behind this success of Turkey in hair transplant operations.

Advantageous Price Option Compared to Other Countries

Thanks to Turkish currency, European money is six times more valuable than to Turkish money. This means that a person suffering from hair loss in the USA can come to our country by plane and have a hair transplant, and can save money by doing this. Turkey has many centres which offer a quality of service at reasonable price points. Therefore, you should visit Turkey and take advantage of the limitless options for a comfortable journey.

Quality Health Service

It is easier to find an aesthetic surgeon, technical staff and healthcare professional in Istanbul compared to the other European countries. Hair transplant applications are more accessible, as there are lots of professional hair transplant centres. Besides, as a result of the social structure, Turkish staff generally have a friendly and helpful attitude towards every patient. This offers excellent psychological comfort for patients from a different country.

Shopping and Travel Paradise Istanbul

Almost every corner of Istanbul is full of historical monuments and beautiful sights. Istanbul has been the capital of different civilizations for nearly three thousand years. It is a world city that combines two continents with its 1600 year history. Therefore, this historical wealth ensures that Istanbul is always at the top of the list of travellers. 

In 2014, Istanbul broke a record with close to 12 million foreign tourists and gained the title of hosting most tourists in a year. Besides, Istanbul offers a wide range of accommodation options. It is rich in small hostels, luxury hotel chains and rental homes. Turkey provides an accommodation alternative for almost every budget. esteGrande Instagram

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