4 Ways You’re Damaging Your Hair

4 Ways You’re Damaging Your Hair, Assuming that everything is well with us inside and out, our hair should be looking good most of the time. Therefore, a dull, lacklustre, lifeless-looking, and frail hair is a sign that something is not going so well with you. 

Sometimes it doesn’t even have anything to do with diseases. Sometimes it’s just you. See, parts of the hair routines that we have adopted since the dawn of hair care are a bit too harsh to be worth it. And you pay the price for it with your hair.

If you follow conventional wisdom in hair, it is likely that you are damaging it as much as your styling it, unintendedly of course. It is time to leave some routine care behind. 

Find out which by learning these four ways you’re damaging your hair.

The 4 Ways You’re Damaging Your Hair Today

Some habits are better than others, and some are just not worth the price. This is true in life as it is in hair care. Here are four ways you’re damaging your hair that you were likely not even aware of.

You’re Drying Your Hair Too Much

Okay, this is the big one. The thing about dry hair is that dry hair makes hair much easier to break, something you want to avoid.

Firstly, you are shampooing your hair too frequently. I know, sounds weird, doesn’t it? But it turns out that in cleaning your scalp, shampoo necessarily dries your hair in the process. It is the reason why you should do it as infrequently as possible. Only shampoo your hair two times a week max. Also, consider switching to a natural shampoo. Most conventional shampoos have sulphates as ingredients, and those are not friendly to your hair.

Secondly, you enjoy playing with the heat too much. Both hairdryers and hair straighteners are common tools to style the hair. And they both heat it up to the point of dryness frequently. Drop both and let your hair dry on its own with the air. It’s only natural.

Thirdly, dyeing and bleaching. Did you know that to make an effective dye, you need both ammonia and peroxide? Also that they dry the hair by lifting its cuticle so the colour can take to it? And did you know that is not good at all? Enough questions, the answer is, dye it less.

And also, dye it in tones closer to your natural hair colour; that way you won’t need to bleach extensively. Bleaching, for its part, you should quit entirely. It is much more abrasive than dyeing. Consider using semipermanent dyes for they are less aggressive.

Lastly, as a recommendation, if you are going to heat or dye your hair, make sure to invest in some good heat protectant. Also, use deep conditioners two times a week if you feel like your hair is dryer than the Arizona desert.

You’re Pulling Your Hair Too Much

Or rather, your hairstyle is pulling your hair too much. Wearing hairstyles that continuously put tension on the hair for long periods of time is deadly for them. The hair follicle from which the hair grows can be damaged as a result and cease to grow hair. Hair loss this way is permanent.

You’re Brushing Your Hair When It Is Wet

Here’s a secret: Wet hair is being already pulled due to the amount of water it has on, thanks to something called gravity. Hence, it won’t need to be further pulled by a comb when you try to style it right out of the shower. Be patient and let it dry on its own before attempting to comb it.

You’re Not Trimming It

The ends of your hair commonly will develop split ends. Those are breakages at the ends wherein the hair, you guessed, splits. Often in two thinner ends for the same strand. Those will break easily, leaving your hair uneven.

Worse, rather than breaking downwards, split ends can also break upwards on the strand, potentially splitting the hair up to root. Don’t deal with this. Just go for a trim as soon as you see them appear on your precious mane. That should be enough to keep your hair safe from any damage.

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