5 Innovative Hair Transplant Techniques

5 Innovative Hair Transplant Techniques, Hair transplant is the most advanced solution for hair loss and baldness problems. But it has been improving throughout the years. And that is why it is a perfect solution. Every once in a while, a new technique for hair transplant appears. These techniques make the hair transplant procedure easier and more efficient. We have gathered some of these innovative hair transplant methods in our article.

   1. Robotic FUE Hair Transplant

FUE hair transplant has three basic steps. In the first step, the doctors extract the hair grafts from the donor area. Then later, in the second step, they open very tiny channels for implanting the taken grafts. And the last step is when the taken hair grafts are implanted into the scalp. 

These steps can be quite tiring for the doctor, especially the second step. Because opening hundreds of channels takes hours of extreme focus. But with the robotic FUE hair transplant, the doctor does not need to open the channels manually. 

The robotic device is going to assist the doctor in doing so. This will greatly reduce the duration of the procedure. Moreover, the channels are going to be more precise than the manually opened ones.

   2. Hair Transplant with Laser Therapy

People have been using laser therapy to encourage hair growth for years. It is a procedure where they apply low-level lasers on your scalp. In theory, this increases the blood flow to the scalp and encourages hair growth. When you use it alone, it is not really effective against hair loss. But when it is combined with a hair transplant, the results are usually impressive.

   3. Needleless Hair Transplant

Some people are afraid of the needles, and they do not want to be anywhere near them. This can be quite hard when you are going to undergo an operation. But there is no need to worry. Because now it is possible to use a needle-free device for applying anaesthesia to the patient. This is extremely helpful for patients who want to have a hair transplant but are afraid of needles.

   4. Dense Packing Hair Transplant

There are some cases where the patient does not suffer from severe hair loss but wants to increase the density of his/her hair. This is where the dense packing hair transplant comes in. With this method, the doctors implant more hair grafts in a tighter area. This increases the density and volume of the patient’s hair.

   5. Sapphire FUE

This is another innovation that makes the FUE hair transplant more precise. Normally, when the doctor opens the channels for implanting the hair follicles, he uses a steel blade. But with the sapphire FUE, the doctor uses a blade that is made of sapphire

Remember that the incisions in the FUE operation are extremely small. That is why the sapphire blades are excellent for this purpose. The channels opened with sapphire blades are going to be more precise and have smaller diameters. This will also help you have fewer scabs after the operation and recover faster. esteGrande Instagram

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