5 Stats to Know about Hair Loss, Hair loss is devastating. What was once full and thick hair now gives you a see-through view of the scalp. For both men and women, there is no worse experience than seeing the slow decline of your hair. It’s stressful. It also lowers the self-esteem and confidence of anyone experiencing hair loss.

Despite the fact that hair loss is already quite common among men and women, there are still myths and misconceptions regarding this that people should be wary of. So here are a few hair loss stats everyone should know about.

We Experience hair loss around 100 Strands of Hair a Day

Although we lose around 100 strands of hair a day, that’s just a tiny fraction of the 100,000 hair follicles that can be found on an average human head. Many are actually surprised by this fact. This is because hair growth happens in three stages: anagen, catagen, and telogen. In the telogen phase, growth ceases, and the hair strand falls from the follicle.

89% of Men Say Hair Loss Is Their First Concern

Not surprising at all! Hair loss is a serious concern among men. For them, it can damage a person’s self-esteem, confidence, and it completely changes the way they carry themselves. When 90% of men state that male pattern baldness is their ultimate concern, hair shedding has to be a major problem. Therefore, many men are undergoing hair transplantation to get rid of their baldness.

Almost 50% of Women Experience Hair Loss

Although hair loss is quite common among men, it isn’t only men who suffer from hair loss. Around 50% of women also experience this at an alarming rate. Receding hairline or hair thinning are hair loss issues that most women face. Moreover, hair loss affects women differently from men. It is harder to accept for women since we have been conditioned that long hair makes us beautiful.

50% of Hair Disappear before the Condition Becomes Noticeable

Not many people know this, but you should set a hair loss treatment day as soon as you can. Visit your doctor and opt for a hair loss treatment sooner rather than later since it would take half of your hair falling out before the hair loss becomes visible. As scary as it may sound, the fact is that you might be suffering from a hair loss problem, even when you feel your hair is fine and intact.

6 out of 10 Men Can’t Identify a Hair Transplant

Hair transplant has come a long way. The advancement in technology has enabled us to introduce techniques such as FUE and DHI methods. These techniques make it difficult to identify a hair transplant because of its natural-looking results. 

Do you want to take a quick action to mend your hair loss? If you’re worried about hair loss and would like to bring back your healthy hair, the best solution is to talk with one of our expert hair loss doctors.

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