5 Ways Know If You Are Going Bald

5 ways know ıf you are going bald, people have been suffering from hair loss and baldness problems throughout history. It usually starts from the age of 18 and gradually reaches a severe level where it becomes apparent.

While this may take quite a lot of time for some people, it can happen much quicker for the others. Sometimes the baldness may be temporary. But unfortunately, it is mostly permanent and increases as you age.

You can consider it normal if you are losing 50 to 100 hair strands in a day. But If you are losing more than this, it is going to lead to serious baldness problems. Because the new hair strands will not be able to replace the ones you have lost.

Being aware of this situation earlier is going to make it easier to prevent it. You will have more time to find out which solution works the best for stopping or at least decreasing your hair loss problem. 

That is why we are going to be listing 5 of the most effective ways to know if you are going bald.

  • Checking if your scalp is visible

When you are starting to go bald, the rate of your hair loss increases. This may make your scalp visible since there will not be enough hair to cover the scalp. This situation can be very apparent for some people. However, some people have a hard time seeing the difference.

You can simply go in front of a mirror and check your hair very carefully. This will be the most effective way to realize if your scalp is visible. You can also ask your friends if they can see your scalp. Some people will probably say it even before you ask. So, if you hear people saying that a lot or if you can see your scalp, your chances of getting bald are quite high. 

  • Comparing the thickness of your hair

If you are suffering from baldness or hair loss, your hair will start thinning. You may notice this when you touch your hair or when you see it. Thinner hair can even cause your hairstyle to change. For instance, your hair can get curly or wavy because it is too thin to stand straight. 

  • Counting the amount of hair you lose

Counting the number of hair strands you lose may sound like a difficult task. But you can just check it visually by using some simple methods. For instance, you can use a white pillow while sleeping. The white pillow will make it easier to see the amount of hair you have lost. You can also check the bathtub for excessive hair after taking a shower.

  • Examining the partings

If your hair is starting to thin out around the parting place, that is another indicator of hair loss. So, it is wise to examine the places where you part your hair. If it is getting thin, you are going bald.

  • Checking your family members for genetic baldness

Male pattern baldness is hereditary. So if you are thinking that you may be suffering from baldness in the future, you can check your parents and other relatives to see if they suffer from baldness too.

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