5 Ways to Prevent Female Hair Loss

5 Ways to Prevent Female Hair Loss, Women can experience hair loss, just like mend do for the very same reasons and even for some unique to them as a gender. Women’s hair is something that greatly troubles their sufferers, most who are not even expecting it or know that it could happen. The issue always hits them hard since femininity’s link to long hair.

The reasons for it vary, as do the ways to prevent female hair loss for they tackle most of the areas of which causes it. Many things qualify as an effective way to prevent female hair loss, from nutrition to stress management practices. See all of them by looking at these effective 5 ways to prevent female hair loss.

Limit the Heat

Many of the things related to hairstyling for females are due to treating the hair with heat. Hair straighteners, hairdryers, dyeing, and bleaching are such common hairstyling treatments that make hair subject to much stress steaming from the treatment itself. 

Stress that could effectively lead to female hair loss.

Heat exposure is particularly traumatic to hair due to it messing with the hair cuticle, which is the protection of the hair strand itself. Treatments such as dyeing and bleaching actually do this aggressively since they need to lift the cuticle for the colour to take on the hair. 

The solution? Limiting all these heat-related hair practices or at least limiting them as much as possible. Let your hair dry on their own with the air and comb it regularly to get a measure of straightness. As for dyeing, if you are going to do it, use only semi-permanent dyes that are less aggressive.

Watch Your Hairstyle

Your hairstyle makes a difference not only visually, but also physically. The hairstyle that puts tension on the hair can ultimately damage the hair follicle from which the hair grows. Tight braids, ponytails, cornrows, and such hairstyles that pull the hair continuously do lead to female hair loss. The name of the condition is ‘traction alopecia’, hair loss from it is permanent, and to avoid it simply do not use pulling hairstyle. Wear your braids and ponytails loose.

Split Ends

The ends of your hair are the oldest part of it and the one more open to damage. Split ends happen as a result of dry hair. The end of the strand parts in two and can either break at that part or continue to part further up towards the root and break there. 

When you see the split end, it’s time to trim your hair. To prevent them from happening more often, consider dropping the heat you use on your hair as previously advised.

Diet and Stress Management

Let’s lump together these two to prove that good hair grows from the inside out, literally and figuratively. First of all, if your diet does not have the required levels of Vitamin A, B, C and E along with much Iron and Zinc, your hair will suffer. Eggs, spinach, salmon, potatoes, avocados, seeds, shrimp, beans, and meat will give you all of that.

Also, relax! Continuously experiencing heavy stress does make a number in your hair as well. A hormone called ‘cortisol’ is responsible for this and it’ s secreted constantly when experiencing stress. How to avoid that? Simply don’t sweat it, relax, things are rarely solved by worrying. Take up relaxing hobbies, or exercise which actively combats stress and keeps you healthy inside.

Moisturize Your Hair

Since heat causes dry hair which causes breakage, which is actual female hair loss, moisture does the opposite, right? Well, yes, a healthy dose of moisture in your hair keeps female hair loss away. The best way to achieve this is by using a deep conditioning hair mask.

Simply apply after showering and let it on for 20 minutes before rinsing it. You can actually make one yourself with things you likely have at home instead of buying one. Crack open an egg in a bowl and add a tablespoon of honey and one tablespoon of olive oil. Mix it until it is seamless and apply it just like the hair mask.

Besides moisturizing it, your hair will also look gorgeous shining. Apply it only two times a week max, since you can also over moisturize it, which is not good and can lead to, guess it, female hair loss. esteGrande Instagram

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