7 Facts About Beard and Facial Hair Transplants

7 Facts About Beard and Facial Hair Transplants, Beard and facial hair transplants are still seen as a bit of an alien procedure when compared to a scalp hair transplant. It shouldn’t be, it’s basically the same thing but done in a different spot. Here are 7 facts about beard and facial hair transplants to prove just that.

It Will Grows As It Did in The Other Place

The hair taken from your donor area will grow just fine on your face, which is the receiving side of a beard and facial hair transplants. In fact, I will actually grow exactly like it did in the donor area.

See, the hair taken from the donor site carries with it genetic memory, this means that it remembers exactly how it grew. And the genetic memory is in no way lost upon transplantation to the receiving site, which in this case is your face. 

As a result, your newly transplanted facial hair will grow as thick and expansive as the hair on the back of your scalp. Excellent news if what you were looking for was a very thick beard. If you were, however, looking for something more modest, simply trim it regularly.

You’ll Get A Designer Beard

Your newly grafted facial hair undergoes an extensive designing phase in which you and the surgeon will both decide this form. 

The surgeon will make recommendations based on your facial structure, and you will have the final say in what you want. This means you are deciding the look of your facial hair before even getting it.

There Are Many Hairs Involves

Average numbers of hair grafts for a full beard are around 2500. For covering patches, it varies depending on the extent. 

It Does Not Take That Long

A beard and facial hair transplant take roughly four hours on average to complete a full beard.

The time will vary depending on the number of grafts needed, of course. Also, it can happen over two sessions in two consecutive days if required. 

Natural Beard-Like

Once the hair is sufficiently grown, you can brush it, comb it, style it, and scrub it in whichever way you like. Needless to say, you can also treat it with whichever beard hair care regime you favour the most. It will give no trouble at all.

Hair Will Fall and It Will Be Normal

After eight to ten days from the procedure, your newly grafted facial hairs will fall off your face. This is completely normal, however, so you don’t need to panic at all, it a sign the procedure was successful.

‘Shock loss’ is the name of the phenomenon, and it happens because of the trauma of the transplantation and grafting. The hair follicles will simply shed the previous hair to make room for new ones to grow on the site after taking to it.

They Are Trendy

Many men have been getting beards and facial hair transplants in recent years, they just keep it on the low. 

Last year around 4500 procedures happened in the UK alone. Next time any friend of yours happens to be sporting a new, suddenly grown thick beard, you might now know why.

In Conclusion

Beard and facial hair transplant are nothing weird. They are the exact same procedure as a hair transplant. Undergoing the former is no different than the latter and in no way a source of shame. Contact us if you are ready to make that patchy beard into a full, glorious beard a logger would envy.

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