7 Strategies For Thicker Looking Hair

7 Strategies For Thicker Looking Hair, Hair experts would agree nobody would want limp hair. Transforming your look into a fully voluminous and bouncy hairstyle is like a Cinderella story of sorts.

Strategies to Achieve Voluminous Hair

However, this can become a reality for you with the right tools and information. You can achieve a full-bodied and voluptuous hair by doing simple and easy techniques that you can do right at home.

Use Volumizing Shampoo and Conditioner

If you are not a fan of extensions or lavish hair styling accessories, then you can put more volume into your tresses with a thickening shampoo and conditioner.

These are formulated to have less conditioning agents that could weigh your hair down and make it appear limp or even greasy.

Cut Your Hair Short

Your hair does not need to be very long in order to be voluminous. You can, in fact, try a different length and pump up the volume that way. Opt for medium length hair or right above the shoulders.

Sometimes those long locks can actually weigh your hair down and not make it look fuller. If you have naturally thin hair, then go for a bob cut or perhaps add layers and blunt cuts.

Spray Dry Shampoo on Your Roots

Your shampoo’s function isn’t limited to just washing away sebum or grime in your hair. Spraying some shampoo right at your roots can pump of the volume of your hair.

The dry shampoo contains powders and minerals that boost the friction in between hair strands plus also absorb excess oil in your hair follicles to give you that instant volume.

Use Hair Extensions

Doll up with hair extensions that make your hair look thicker instantly. However, you might be caught off guard with the price tag as it can be a bit expensive.

Extensions that are made of human hair are a little pricey than extensions with artificial hair. You can consult a stylist to know which extensions would work for your hair and suit your personality best.

Use Highlights for Your Hair

You can create an illusion of thicker hair by using highlights. Ask a stylist to determine the best hair colours that would match your eye colour and complexion.

Having a single-toned hair can actually make it look flat. Using highlights add dimensions and depth to your hair strands, so it creates a more voluminous appearance.

Use Coloring Spray

Use a colour spray to conceal your roots and make it appear fuller. The more scalp is exposed, the thinner your hair would appear to be. A darker tint of brown can add more volume than using the white spray.

Take Hair Supplements

If you haven’t used vitamins and supplements yet, then this is the time to do it. If you are experiencing hair loss, you should start with the supplements that do not just add volume to your locks but also nourish your body with vitamins and minerals to keep your immunity strong and your body in shape.

The use of spironolactone and oral contraceptives is also effective for addressing hair volume problems as well as hair loss.

Hair transformations with a dash of this and that create voluminous tresses in no time. These are easy-to-follow tips that you can whip up very minimal costs and little effort.

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