9 Insights on Hair Transplant in Turkey for You to Know

9 Insights on Hair Transplant in Turkey for You to Know, Turkey is the rising star in medical tourism. Facilities in Turkey offer an unmatched quality of service while maintaining an accessible price tag, especially services for hair loss.

9 Insights on Hair Transplant in Turkey for You to Know

A receding hairline can have a significant negative impact on how you regard yourself. Here in esteGrande, we have experienced doctors and staff who can guarantee to give you a look you had before you have lost your hair.

Here are nine insights to help you on your way to get better looks.

     1. Flexibility with Procedure Types

At esteGrande, we offer two kinds of hair transplantation:

  • FUE 
  • DHI 

The FUE method is the industry standard today. Though DHI is quite effective at implanting hair follicles in a more concentrated way. 

     2. Option to Get a Combined Transplantation

Some people want to harness the full capabilities of the technology we have. They get a combined operation, and we utilise FUE and DHI at the same time on them.

     3. International Acclaim around Quality of Service in the Medical Field

International patients find Turkey quite attractive for their medical vacations. A report in the International Medical Travel Journal found that every year 80,000 patients from all around the world visit Turkey for medical purposes. Note that this number isn’t medical tourists in total; they are patients who come to Turkey for hair transplantation procedures. 

     4. Price Tag of the Procedure

In Turkey, getting a hair transplantation operation comes at a much cheaper price tag than in the United States of America. Turkey is cheaper than the following countries when it comes to hair transplantation: 

  • United States of America
  • Arabic states and states in the Gulf
  • Countries in Europe
  • Thailand

It is nearly 2.5 times cheaper to get hair transplantation in Turkey compared to getting it in European countries. And when we compare it to the price of a hair transplantation procedure done in the United States, the difference becomes a shocking rate of 5 times.

     5. All-Inclusive Packaging Options

Just like the all-inclusive deals you find in Turkish hotels and resorts, medical facilities have a similar approach to hair loss treatment patients. What this means is that this price includes your transfers to and from the airport and the facility.

     6. Quality of Service

Our doctors are among the best practitioners of hair transplantations worldwide with their international education and training background. Not to mention their unmatched experience at this. The outcome depends highly on the doctors’ skillset, so choose wisely.

     7. Cutting-Edge Technology

We utilise the most recent technology on the market for our hair transplantation operations.

     8. Beard Transplantation Option

At our facility, patients can also get a beard transplant. You are one step away from getting that full, thick beard you always wished you had.

     9. Improvement of Appearance

Research suggests that getting a hair transplant makes people look at least four years younger on average.

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