Aamir Khan Hair Transplant, Actor, director, filmmaker, and television talk-show host. It is safe to say that Indian actor Aamir Khan is a rather busy, multifaceted man. Moreover, if you knew that he also finds time to be an activist and humanitarian that is not afraid of using his platform to talk truth to power.

Though mostly unknown to the vast majority of western audiences, Aamir does not even sweat over his lack of Hollywood presence. 

After all, he is often dubbed the ‘the biggest movie star’ due to his popularity in the Indian subcontinent, Southeast Asia, and the Greater China area. What he doesn’t have on Hollywood popularity he makes up in sheer numbers of fans from those places.

Aamir might be extremely popular in the East, but that doesn’t prevent his hairline from going further north. Or does it? It seems he managed somehow though.

Hair Before and Now

In 1988, Aamir had a big break into the Bollywood scene in which he danced romantically. In the film, young Aamir’s mane full of black, smoothly combed hair that will be his signature for years to come. 

Let’s fast forward twenty years and the effects of ageing start to show around 2007. That year, a receding hairline was peeking at the top of Aamir’s forehead, revealing a part of his scalp that had not seen the light of day. 

The hairline continues to recede unimpeded until late 2012. It was not until 2014 that people started to notice, not a receding, but somehow advancing hairline, rumours frenzied at the sight

Aamir Khan Hair Transplant: Has He Had One?

It’s very difficult to say since Indian actors are more private than the western ones. The man himself has said nothing about it.

But many suspected he received an FUE hair transplant by looking at his hairline from 2014, and it certainly matches.

However, if Aamir actually did, it was a relatively conservative one, limited to straightening the receding hairline only.

His hairline still seems more straight these days, so speculation about an Aamir Khan hair transplant might be correct.

Hair Loss in Men

The ultimate cause of hair loss is a hormone called ‘dihydrotestosterone’ (DHT). When produced due to the conversion of testosterone by an enzyme called alpha 5 reductase, DHT sets out to bind itself to the hair follicles. 

This causes the hair follicles to react by shrinking, which leads to thinning hair. The shrinking continues progressively until the hair ceases to grow. This is the actual cause of baldness.

Hair Transplants Have the Perfect Solution

Hair follicles that shrunk will never grow again. So how about getting ones that will? It is all possible thanks to an FUE hair transplant procedure.

By taking hair follicles from the back of the scalp and grafting them onto the balding area, you can have them growing as if they belonged there all along.

Our surgeons deliver natural-looking results that follow your hair’s natural growth pattern. If you want a hair transplant procedure that blends seamlessly for an affordable price, get in touch with us.

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