Best Fue & Dhi Hair Transplant Service in Turkey


Miss Bahar Ozyilmaz, the founder of Grande Group, established esteGrande targetting to help the patients all around the World who look for the best plastic surgery, hair & beard transplant, eye and dental treatments in Turkey.

She has a very strong background in medical and company management in German companies and hospital groups.

She is also a well- known TV News Presentor in Turkey.

“I saw that many patients were looking for treatment in Istanbul, but they were like gambling. They were just looking at the simple adverts of the companies online and they were choosing a brand which will do their surgeries. They can never know if they are in contact with professional big health groups, or a group of people who are not medical, but acting as if they were. This is completely like gambling. If you are lucky enough, you are in the hands of right people, but if you are unlucky, you can ruin your life in the hands of inexperienced, illegal people and clinics.” she says. Your body, your hair, your eyes, your teeth are our priority.

If you do not like gambling, esteGrande is here for you! No cards, no plays!