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Afro Hair Transplant Turkey

Afro hair transplants in Turkey are often the most complex of all hair transplant procedures. Due to the natural curl of the hair follicle, ensuring maximum graft survival rates and minimising the possibility of ingrown hairs are imperative in order to perform a successful procedure.

esteGrande are industry experts when it comes to all manner of hair transplant procedures. Our dedicated team have an unparalleled depth of knowledge which means they can perform an afro hair transplant Turkey with the utmost precision.

All of our procedures are performed at internationally accredited facilities, offering the highest quality of procedures found not only in Turkey but across Europe. Despite risks associated with working with afro hair, you can rest assured that our surgeons will be able to conduct meticulous afro hair transplant procedures to great effect.

How Do Afro Hair Transplants Work?

Prior to your afro hair transplant Turkey, our surgeons will ascertain the structure of your hair follicles and make a judgement as to whether FUE or the traditional FUT transplant is the best course of action for you.

On many occasions, your surgeon is likely to perform the FUE style of treatment where possible, due to the minimised risk of scarring and further complications. However, the FUT technique may be required. In this case, our surgeons will take care to ensure scarring is kept to a minimum post-procedure. This is particularly important when performing an afro hair transplant procedure as those with afro hair are often prone to inheriting Keloid scarring.

Due to the natural curl of the hair follicle in afro hair, follicle damage rates can be high, meaning the transplant can be less effective if carried out in a similar way to other hair types. The expert surgeons at esteGrande Hair Transplant, however, are highly skilled in performing this intricate procedure and ensure that procedure success rates remain high.

It is important that such a complex procedure is carried out only by surgeons with knowledge and experience on the clinical characteristics of afro hair. All surgeons who perform our afro hair transplant Turkey procedures are specialists in their field.

Traction Alopecia

Traction alopecia caused by braids, weaves, chemical relaxing and other hair treatments is the main cause of afro hair loss. Typically, traction alopecia is identified due to a receding hairline at the temple of the scalp.

This is due to the stress the hair follicles are put through on a long-term basis. This is particularly common in women; however, some men can also be affected by traction alopecia. Men will more commonly suffer from Androgenic Alopecia, however, and can sometimes suffer with a diffuse pattern of the hair often meaning that a strong donor area at the back of the head is not always being available to extract grafts from.

Our surgical team are highly skilled and proficient at performing afro hair transplant Turkey procedures, with many years of experience between them in performing this intricate method.

Many techniques that are used for other procedures are also used for any treatment conducted with afro hairstyles. Afro hair follicles typically take up more space within the scalp than other hair types, which can sometimes require larger incisions in order to accurately extract each graft. As a result, the popular FUE hair transplant method can be unsuitable, depending on the number of grafts required and the quality of the patient’s scalp.

Afro Hair Transplant Turkey

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