Antonio Conte Hair Transplant, Italian league’s Serie A football manager Antonio Conte draws from a large repertoire of experience as a former player himself. Reaching stardom status with Juventus football team, he boasts of 5 Serie A titles and a Champions League medal in the year 1996 as a player.

Following his retirement from playing, he ventured into coaching, starting as an assistant manager for the Siena team.

Disappointing results had him relegated to Serie C for a time before gaining fame as a coach. He found his way back to Serie A major teams around 2007 and hasn’t looked back since.

As a curious titbit, Antonio Conte has a background of being a former motivational speaker. His way with words resurfaces now and then in grand speeches towards the team before the game.

His ability to win at the field and manage winners in the field seems to extend to another type of field: his hair.

Hair: Before and After

Antonio Conte’s hairline was notorious back in 2000 for its punishing looks. It featured an enormous bald spot across the centre of his head.

Conte has the distinction of being a pioneer as one of the first footballers to try hair transplants.

Things looked promising for a time. But as a recipient of early transplants, the technique was still in its infancy and did not last long.

By 2007 his hairline started to pull back again. Antonio briefly took to shaving his head to come to terms with it. He eventually found his way back into the hair transplant clinic.

Antonio Conte’s Hair Transplant: Did He Have One?

Not just one, but two of them. The first of Antonio Conte’s hairline transplants was all but confirmed by him himself. It also failed miserably.

His second one though, he never disclosed. Though its results are evident and largely transformed his looks.

It’s said that he headed to Canada and received extensive FUE grafts. Results are striking, as the before and after photos can attest to.

Men Hair Loss

As our ageing process sets in, our body starts to wither away. And in the case of our hair, it tends to thin away.

But age is not the only factor. A look at any picture of Antonio Conte when he was around thirty years old proves this.

No, our genes are also an important factor in that equation.

Our sensitivity to a hormone called dihydrotestosterone is determinate by the genes we inherited. Dihydrotestosterone (or DHT) binds itself to the hair follicles, causing them to shrink. This shrinking continues gradually until the hair follicles grow no more, causing what’s known as “male pattern baldness.”

This is what afflicted Antonio Conte many years ago.

Hair Transplant: Is it Really Permanent?

Conte has successfully reversed his receding hairline despite going through a not-so-smooth path to achieve that.

Thanks to the new techniques involved, you won’t have to worry about your hair transplant failing like his first procedure.

Our surgeons make sure to deliver natural-looking results that will be long-lasting, just like Antonio’s latest procedure. And as you can see, he’s very happy with it, as you can also be.

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