Are You a Good Candidate for Turkey Hair Transplant?

Are you a good candidate for turkey hair transplant? When the right candidate gets this hair loss treatment, the hair transplantation procedure can drastically improve a person’s looks and how well they feel in general. We can’t say that this treatment is suitable for everyone, though. You have to have minimum requirements for the procedure. And if you are suitable for a hair restoration treatment, you should set realistic expectations for your surgery.

Are You a Good Candidate for Turkey Hair Transplant?

The first thing to consider when talking about eligibility for hair transplant is that everyone has a finite number of donor supply. Getting transplantation even if your donor area is not healthy may not yield a satisfying result. So if you have thin, fine hair around your scalp, do not expect miracles from your operation.

Similarly, if your recipient area has too much hair, the implantation process can do some degree of damage to them. That said, who is a good candidate for hair transplantation then?

Characteristics of Good Candidates

A general hair transplantation procedure would suit you if:

  • you had been losing hair for more than five years because of male pattern baldness, or
  • you score at or above 3 at Norwood Scale.

Hair transplantation candidates must have realistic expectations before undergoing the operation. Candidates should understand that their natural hair that is genetically programmed to fall off will eventually fall off. Regardless of the medication patients take, hair loss that isn’t settled yet will keep progressing one way or another. Using these medications as supplements provide help most of the time, however, so continue taking them as instructed by your doctor.

If your hair loss is settled (it settles around age forty-three, but exact age varies highly for each individual) and you want to add a bit of hair to get a younger appearance, you could be a good candidate as well.

Ending Notes

If you are one of the many people seeking treatment for your thinning hair, consider booking a consultation. Our team at esteGrande can give you an idea about your eligibility. Of course, even though hair loss is often associated with men, women experience this phenomenon too. It has been becoming more and more popular among women for the last few years as well. Though it usually manifests at a more advanced age, hair loss can create just as strongly undesired effects on women as it can on men.

Regarding age, there is no maximum age limit for getting transplantation. A patient aged over sixty-five can still get transplantation. What matters to the viability of the procedure is the health of the donor area of the candidate in question. If you are wondering whether you are eligible for the treatment or not, send us a message so we can assist you better.

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