Are Your Hair-Brushing Habits Hurting Your Hair?

Are Your Hair-Brushing Habits Hurting Your Hair? Our hair is a very critical part of our appearance. People think that their hair will be soft, shiny, lively, and healthy forever, and they apply all kinds of enhancements on it. However, beyond our thirties, our hair gradually loses its vitality. It is not as dense as before, and it starts shedding. Therefore, people prefer treatment methods such as hair transplant to restore the hair to its healthy state.

Are Your Hair-Brushing Habits Hurting Your Hair?

Careful and regular hair care is required to ensure that the hair is always healthy, shiny, soft, and strong at any age. Some actions may damage the hair. Among them are the following:

  • Not washing the hair after sports
  • Using hair stylers frequently
  • Washing the hair with hot water
  • Permanently styling hair
  • Combing the hair hard and often
  • Washing the hair excessively
  • Unhealthy eating habits
  • Improperly drying the hair

You should stay away from applications that damage the hair. Of course, the nutrition and life habits of the person are crucial for hair health. In this regard, it is possible to have healthier hair by changing the unhealthy life and nutrition habits leaving the habits that harm the hair.

Combing Hair Hard and Frequently

Combing hair hard, especially when wet, is definitely a mistake that harms the hair. Hair is very sensitive when the hair is wet. Therefore, it is good to wait for some time to comb and dry the hair. Besides, it is best to comb the hair only after a shower, not several times a day. Morning is the best time to comb hair.

Combing hair too often causes the layers of hair to open up and thus damage the hair. Also, combing the hair too much and wrongly causes hair loss due to mechanical effect. It can damage dry and brittle hair. 

Useful Applications for Hair

There are some useful applications for healthy hair. If you consider these points, you can have good-looking and beautiful hair in a short time.

  • Selection of the comb. The hair-care product that needs the most attention is the comb. You need to choose products that will not damage the scalp, at the same time speeding up the blood circulation by a gentle massage and opening the hair strands gently. 
  • Serum. After the shower, it is vital to use a serum to protect the hair from heat and external factors by moisturising it. Generally, products with UV and heat-protection feature are the best options.
  • Conditioner and mask. It is essential to moisturise the hair with the right ingredients. Using a conditioner and a mask can solve this problem. Organic oils are vital supports in nourishing the hair and meeting the need for vitamins and moisture.
  • The right shampoo. One of the most critical steps in hair care is to clean the hair properly. Because shampoos are products that directly affect the scalp and hair, they can disrupt the pH balance of the skin and affect the nutrition of the hair strands, causing hair loss and dryness.

Do not feel sad if you are still experiencing hair loss despite your best efforts to combat it. Hair loss can be due to genetic factors or various diseases. Regardless of the reason, we can help you. You can contact esteGrande to get back your healthy hair.

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