At What Age Do Men Go Bald? All men experience hair loss throughout their lifetime. However, the cause and extent of every man’s hair loss vary. Although there are various causes, male pattern baldness is the most common form of hair loss. Statistics show that half of the men who are beyond their fifties experience hair loss to some extent.

At What Age Do Men Go Bald?

Male pattern baldness is a genetic condition. It starts at the hairline and the crown areas and can lead to baldness on the top of the head if not treated. Women also experience genetic hair loss, but it rarely reaches the same stages that the men encounter.

Causes of Male Pattern Baldness

Male pattern baldness is essentially a hereditary condition. However, several factors—such as diet, stress, medication, pollution, etc.—can have a triggering effect on the male pattern baldness.

Scientists are still studying this phenomenon. Further studies will presumably put light into this matter, enabling us to understand its causes better and take precautions accordingly.

When Does It Start?

As we have mentioned before, each man experiences male pattern baldness differently. Pinpointing an exact age on when it starts is not possible, unfortunately. However, we can provide you with average numbers.

Men usually start to see signs of hair loss before they reach their mid-twenties. The rate of hair loss can vary in each case. It takes around twenty years on average for men to completely lose their hair. By the age of sixty, two-thirds of men would have experienced advanced hair loss.

Since each case is unique, however, you can’t estimate how your hair loss will progress. Dermatologists and specialized hair loss experts can help you on this matter. Feel free to contact us for consultation. Our experts are ready and equipped to provide you with further information regarding your hair loss problems and solutions that would treat them.

Speaking of treatments, here are a few suggestions on how you can treat your hair loss.

Treating Hair Loss

Some people prefer to hide their hair loss rather than to treat it. If you are also looking for a similar solution, then you may want to give hairpieces a try. Be sure to get one that is made from real human hair. Synthetic hairpieces often look very unnatural.

You can also try a different haircut. Experienced hairstylists can give your hair a rather dense look, although it may probably be costly to maintain that.

If these options are not suitable for you, and you want a real solution for your hair loss problems, you can try using hair loss prevention medications. Finasteride and minoxidil are the most effective medicines for slowing down hair loss. They can even encourage hair growth. However, they may not work for everyone, and their positive effects also stop once you stop taking these medications. 

Permanent Solution for Hair Loss

Are you looking for a permanent solution? Hair transplants might just be it for you. The number of men having hair transplants is increasing every year. This popularity is due to the permanent and satisfactory results these methods provide. If you want to learn more, be sure to contact us. We can help you if you are considering having a hair transplant.

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