Average Cost of Hair Transplant, There are many products and services in the market that promise to cure hair loss. Many people have fallen prey to the  “snake oil” charms of some eccentric techniques and products said to stimulate hair growth in the affected areas. Some of these are but empty promises. They have no results or supporting evidence to show their effectiveness.

Realistically, hair transplant is the best option right now for people suffering from severe hair loss. It’s a proven technique to recover from hair loss. Backed with medical evidence and facts, there’s a higher chance of success compared to other products and services.

How Much Does It Cost?

There’s no exact figure for the total cost of a hair transplant since there are many factors you need to consider. It’s not the operation alone that you need to think about. From your initial visit to the plastic surgeon’s office up to the things you need to do after the procedure, you have to consider all the angles. These are just some things you have to think about with regards to the total expenses you may incur with a hair transplant.

Procedure Cost

Hair transplant prices range from a few thousand to tens of thousands. The cost is determined by several factors. Below are factors that have a direct effect on the pricing of the procedure:

  • Location. Where the clinic is located has a great impact on the pricing of their services. The average income of the population in the area and the number of clinics offering the same service will dictate the cost.
  • Experience and level of expertise of the surgeon. The greater the experience and the scope of expertise of the doctor, the higher his charge will be for his services.
  • The amount of hair you want to be transplanted. This is proportional to the cost. The more hair needs to be transplanted, the greater the cost.
  • Travel. More often than not, the best specialist is not located within your neighbourhood. This is something you should also consider. There’s a high probability that you’ll be travelling just to get the procedure done.

Before you decide which surgeon you’re going to choose, thorough research must be done. This way, you can make a well-informed decision.

Postprocedure Expenses

Once the operation is over, there are some medications you need to buy as part of the protocol. These will include anti-inflammatory drugs, antibiotics, and pain relievers. A hair transplant is an invasive surgery. The patient is prone to infection. You need to anticipate a possible visit with a doctor due to this. If ever complications will arise, you’ll need a budget for additional medications and follow up visits with the doctor.

By now, you probably have a rough estimate of the total cost of the procedure. There’s no denying that hair transplant costs a lot of money. However, with proper research and planning, you can make the procedure happen with minimal stress and optimal results.

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