Beard Care: How to Maintain a Healthier Beard?

Beard Care: How to Maintain a Healthier Beard? The maintenance of a healthy beard comes down to consistent care on the part of the person.

Taking time from your busy day to actually go through a beard-care routine is what will enable you to have a healthier beard.

How to Maintain a Healthier Beard

There are some aspects to have in mind on how to grow a healthier beard and properly care for it.

Grow It If You Can

The ability to grow a beard actually comes down to the genetic makeup of each individual. Due to this, not everyone can grow a beard. Some men cannot pass the stage of scattered patches on their face. Some others have no facial hair at all. Minoxidil, a compound that comes in liquid forms or foams, can stimulate beard growth. Be conscious that if you can’t grow a beard genetically, there is nothing else to do.

Allow It to Grow

The first few hairs are delicate ones, so don’t trim them too early. Let them grow until there’s a respectable amount of hair on the face. This will encourage future growth. Try to enjoy the itching while you’re at it!

Brush It

Once grown, regularly comb it downwards with a brush comb, so it adapts to growing in the right direction.

Shampoo and Conditioner

Just like your hair, a healthy beard needs some cleaning. Don’t attempt to wash it using hand soap; it will only dry it out and make beard hair fall in the long run. Employ a moisturising shampoo instead. There are also conditioners that smooth it out; just apply and let it sit there.

Adapt to a Healthy Diet

Beard and hair health correlate very much with what you eat. Keep a healthy diet based on protein alongside a balanced intake of carbs and without abusing sugar or processed products.

Sleep Generously

Severe lack of sleep greatly slows down human metabolism. Due to this, bodily and mental functions get impaired, and the same just so happens with beard growth. Make sure to get at least six hours of sleep every day, though eight hours daily is the ideal.

Watch What You Eat

Larger beards get plenty of stuff stuck on them regularly. Due to this, you might happen to find pieces of your breakfast, lunch, or dinner on it if you are not careful. Wipe your beard clean after eating. Meals or condiments that get stuck in your beard would make it smell, would stain it, and would look off-putting.

Trim Those Hairs

Unsurprisingly, you need to keep your beard tidy just like you do your hair. Men sporting large beards spend quite a lot of time trimming it to perfection. If you want to sport a large beard, you have to trim it one or two times every month. For smaller beards, trimming every two weeks is more than enough. There are a variety of electric trimmers available to help you get rid of split ends. Use beard combs and beard scissors if you like to have detailed control over the trimming. esteGrande Instagram

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