Beard Hair Loss Treatment

Beard Hair Loss Treatment, Beard is an important part of aesthetic appearance for many men. Having a full and thick beard is something that everyone wants. However, in some cases, you might lose your beard due to many reasons. This situation might affect your self-confidence, which is very understandable. At this point, it is very important to find the reason of your beard hair loss first.

It is true that you might be losing your beard hair due to factors such as the following:

  • Hormonal changes
  • Stress
  • Aggressive diets
  • Wrong treatments that you apply

However, the most common reason is alopecia barbae. This disorder occurs suddenly, creating bald patches on your beard. In order to stop beard hair loss, you should get treatment for alopecia barbae.

What Is Alopecia Barbae?

Alopecia barbae is a type of hair loss disease that causes bald patches in a small area. If you are experiencing alopecia barbae, you might have alopecia areata too. Alopecia areata causes the loss of hair on your scalp. 

If you do not get a suitable treatment for alopecia barbae, it might spread all over your face over time. As a result, you might end up with larger bald areas.

While there is not a direct cause of alopecia barbae, there are some triggers. The doctors think that this disease is related to the immune system. In addition, genetic factors are very effective in developing alopecia barbae. In other words, if you have a relative suffering from alopecia barbae, you might experience it too.

Apart from these, your immune system might be attacking the healthy hair follicles, leading to hair loss. In addition, stress, depression, and other external factors such as thyroid disease or joint inflammation might prepare the ground for alopecia barbae.


Although alopecia barbae is a very common disorder, it might affect your life negatively and reduce your quality of life. As with any disease, if you suspect that you might have alopecia barbae, you should consult an experienced doctor. Since alopecia barbae shows stress-induced development, you should avoid any kind of stress and adopt a more positive lifestyle.

There are many kinds of treatments for alopecia barbae. You should not try them before you consult a specialist.

Steroid injection is an option when it comes to alopecia barbae. In this procedure, the doctor injects steroids into the balding areas. Another solution might be applying garlic on the bald areas. Unfortunately, applying garlic does not have high success rates. But it’s still worth a try. 

Natural remedies such as aloe vera or boiled onion water might also work for alopecia barbae.

And last but not least, the best and permanent solution for your bald patches might be beard transplantation. It is the process of extracting healthy hair follicles from an area and transplanting them into the areas without hair. 

Many patients prefer going for this procedure when they are out of options, and they end up with very satisfying results. Contact us for more information on this matter.

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