Many people want to get rid of their hair loss problem and improve their looks. The best solution for this problem is undoubtedly hair transplant. At esteGrande, we follow a truly result-oriented path for fruitful treatments. No need to waste either your energy or your time by searching for hair transplant centres. We offer 100 per cent patient satisfaction with our expert team. Therefore, many prefer esteGrande for best hair transplant results. 

Since hair transplant requires manual ability, we have only expert surgeons who have significant experience in the field.

Hair transplant results and how the hair will look after transplant are the main questions for the patients. As we use the FUE and DHI method for transplanting hair, the success rate is relatively high. Furthermore, these are reliable methods that have been applied for many years. At esteGrande, we have helped many people restore their healthy hair.

In our facility, we perform the procedure in a highly sterile operating room environment. Since hair transplant is performed with local anaesthesia, you will not feel any pain during the operation. Furthermore, the number of hair follicles is one of the factors affecting the results of a hair transplant. Therefore, after the initial analysis, we can ensure that you have an adequate number of hair follicles before proceeding.

For Better Hair Transplant Results

The results of hair transplantation are not the same in every person, as many factors are considered. Hair transplant results vary according to gender and characteristics of hair. Patients are thoroughly examined before the operation and treated accordingly. The patient should be informed that doctors take into account all variables and the evaluations before and after the hair transplant operation. Many factors affect the results of a hair transplant. You can find some of these factors below.

  • First of all, the condition of the patient is of great importance. Factors such as age, the healing time of wounds, hormonal balance, hair colour, genetic factors, quality of hair grafts, environmental factors, and direction of hair growth are primary considerations.
  • The capability of the doctor and the experience of the team are extremely important for the correct placement of the quality grafts.
  • Many factors, such as the correct adjustment of the hair density and the adequate number of follicles, have a significant effect on the results.
  • It is essential to follow the doctor’s recommendations after hair transplant to ensure a quick recovery and get the desired results.

After having hair transplantation, you need to pay extra attention to your hair care, especially in the first week. Use a shampoo recommended by your doctor to wash your hair. It is crucial to keep the transplant area away from the sun until it heals. 

Sixty per cent of the result becomes visible in the sixth month. If you follow the recommendations of our hair transplant experts, it is not a distant dream to have natural and beautiful hair after twelve months.

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