Black or White Hair for Hair Transplant

Black or White Hair for Hair Transplant, Losing hair might be one of the most common—if not the most common—cosmetic concerns that afflict otherwise-healthy people. And with good reason too. Despite what many feel-good campaigns would say, people are still judged based on their looks. 

Yes, it is a reminder of just how much we as a society can revert back to our basic instincts in how we assess each other before even saying one word. Without the need for verbal communication, we form an opinion on the other based on looks, and some looks are more favoured than others.

How Hair Loss and White Hair Affects You 

Bald heads might be attractive to some depending on the physicality of the person sporting it, but this is the exception, not the rule. In particular, men with bald heads are rated more attractive if they are of exceptionally fit, which most are not.

Also, men with a balding head—as in the process of going bald—are consistently rated less attractive. With people suggesting they either shave it off completely to embrace it or get a hair transplant.

Besides hair loss, there’s another hair condition with feared effects regarding appearance: white hair. Hair going white is nothing new. Probably, it is as old as hair loss and might be a sign that its owner is also not so new either. 

White hair makes people look older, and chances are they are, but it can also happen prematurely to young people. The combination of white hair and hair loss also happens. Encountering patients with white hair for hair transplants is more common than generally thought of.

Use of Black or White Hair for Hair Transplant

A patient having black or white hair for hair transplant doesn’t affect the procedure; it just adds some considerations. Black or white hair for hair transplants can be safely taken from the donor site into the receiving site in whichever style the patient decides. 

If a patient has black hair on the donor site and wants it transplanted into a receiving site that previously had white hair, it is possible to do so. The reverse also applies; it all depends on the patients’ preferences. 

This can effectively put black hair where there formerly was white hair. Yet the grafted black hair can and will probably whiten over time too since it is a natural bodily process.

Hair Transplant Procedure

Follicular unit excision (FUE) transplant is the most advanced hair transplant procedure available.

In it, our surgeon extracts healthy hair follicles from the back of your scalp (the donor site). Then they proceed to graft those into the balding area (receiving site) via microscopic incisions. The results of the procedure are natural-looking since our surgeon places the grafts following the growth pattern of your hair.

They are also long-lasting too. This is due to the fact that hair from the back of the scalp is particularly thinning-resistant, whether black or white hair is used for hair transplant.

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