Blonde Hair Transplant, Hair transplant is a surgical aesthetic operation applied to people who have lost their hair due to specific health problems or genetic reasons. The primary purpose of this operation is to restore the natural appearance and self-confidence that the person has lost.

In this operation, the patient’s complaints and requests, if any, are of critical importance. After examining the patient’s scalp structure and hair structure, the amount of hair follicle for the operation is determined. The patient’s hair structure is taken into account while deciding the amount of hair follicle from the nape of the neck. 

The perception is that people with blonde hair will not be able to transplant hair or will look worse if they do. However, when the structures of the hair are examined, the hair follicles are alike in most cases. Besides, swelling or redness that may occur on the skin will not be visible after the transplant process if you have blonde hair. 

Once doctors analyse blonde as the hair colour, the number of hair follicles to be obtained will be higher since the hair root pigments are more in blonde patients. Blonde hair is thinner and tighter than other hair colours. It looks more concealed and natural compared to brown hair types. As a result of the hair transplant procedure, the appearance is more natural in blonde-hair people compared to other people with hair of other colours. 

Blonde Hair Transplant Process

During this application, the patient does not feel anything. While performing the procedures, it is essential that the patient is comfortable and feels happy.

  • The patient’s hair is shaved as the first stage of the operation. Afterwards, the target area is determined. In some techniques, you do not have to cut or shave the hair.
  • While determining these areas, the front hairline is drawn symmetrically at eye level. The purpose here is to get a natural look by preventing the artificial look. We open channels meticulously and transplant the hair follicles, considering the right angles.
  • The patient does not feel anything during this procedure. 
  • The whole operation is done in our fully equipped and hygienic operation centres. 

The patient can continue his daily life without any problems as the operation is performed by an expert team in esteGrande. You can get in touch with us for more information about the procedure.

Blonde Hair Transplant Results

To change the mood of the patient before and after the procedure is the most crucial point of hair transplant. It is impossible to get immediate results. A period of six to twelve months is required to achieve the ultimate results. However, results do look flawless from esteGrande quality. 

You should do first haircuts in the sixth month to determine hairstyles. After the hair has fully grown, you can apply or do other things to your hair. You also do not have to make a radical change in their diet and lifestyle after the transplant.

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