Body Hair Transplant to Head Turkey

Body Hair Transplant to Head Turkey, Hair transplant is an operation which includes the collection of the grafts from the back of the neck. However, in some cases, there may not be enough hair follicles in the nape. Therefore, in this case, body hair can be used as a donor.

Body Hair Transplant to Head Turkey

Body hair transplant is a relatively new application in Turkey. However, hair transplant from body hair has opened a promising door for hair loss treatment and has shown successful results in our centres.

Body hair has different characteristics from scalp hair in terms of length, colour, diameter, and growth time. Since not all body hair can be suitable for hair transplant, there are specific criteria when using body hair as a donor. These criteria, called Torso Donor Index, are the following:

  • Density
  • Similarity
  • Number of Roots
  • Width of Donor Area
  • Body Hair Length

Depending on the quality and thickness of your hair, the results may vary. Therefore, you can make an appointment with our centre, esteGrande, for more detailed information.

Standard Hair Transplant vs Hair Transplant from Body Hair

Hair transplant from body hair is a challenging and labour-intensive process. Therefore, before performing the procedure, it is necessary to know specific points about hair this type of hair transplant.

  • It takes longer than a standard transplant.
  • Achieving satisfactory results requires great skills.
  • Body hair, except for the beard, is thinner compared to the scalp and neck hair.
  • The survival rates of body hair after transplant may be lower.
  • Other than the beard, the other parts of the body heal more slowly.
  • Body hair has a different growth cycle than neck hair.
  • If proper planning is done, it can create an aesthetic appearance even in advanced shedding.

FUE, which is used in classic transplantation operations, is also used in collecting body hair in Turkey. It is also very suitable for hair transplant from body hair, as FUE enables the hair roots to be removed one by one.

Donor Areas from the Body

The beard, leg, arm, chest, back, and pubic regions can be used for hair transplant from body hair. Among these areas, the most suitable body hair for the procedure is the chest hair.

  1. Beard

The beard is the most preferred donor area among the body hair because it resembles the hair structure. Beard, which is the most effective hair in terms of density, provides high efficiency.

  1. Chest hair

After the beard, the ideal area for hair transplant is the chest area. It has a high density and efficiency. Of course, it should not be forgotten that chest hair should be robust and thick firstly.

  1. Other parts of the body

The hair in the legs, arms, and back areas can be planted in the scalp area since it has a thin and short structure. In fact, pubic (genital) regions have also taken their place among the suitable body areas.

As long as the procedure is successful, there is no difference in the hair growth or healing process after the hair transplant. Within the first three months, new hair roots will begin to grow. Within six months, a significant part of your new hair will then grow.

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