Bradley Cooper Hair Transplant, Already the recipient of ten nominations for the Academy Awards and, surprisingly, a winner of a Grammy he shares with Lady Gaga. Actor Bradley Cooper surely has proven his range by now. After being a struggling actor for the better part of the decade from 1999 to 2009, Cooper found his breakthrough in ‘The Hangover’.

In there, Cooper plays the cheeky Phil who, alongside his friends, tries to figure out what happened last night in Vegas since none of them remembers. With obvious hilarious results.

The comedy was a smash hit with audiences and critics alike and was enough to push Cooper into superstardom.

Roles as a failed writer turned genius thanks to a drug, a bipolar man looking to enjoy life, and a patriotic American Sniper followed — all of them further proving Bradley’s acting skills.

Bradley Cooper sure knows how to charm audiences of moviegoers, but can he charm his hairline to stop receding?

Hair: Before and After

Bradley Cooper came to prominence sporting a head full of thick blond locks as far back as 1999. But as stardom came, ironically, so did the receding hairline.

Bradley clearly strives to maintain a perfect hairline on public appearances since it is hard to spot its real looks. But pictures from him starting from the year 2012 make blatantly clear the presence of a curve on his hairline. The curve starts and ends at the sides of the hairline, clearly denoting male pattern baldness.

But shockingly, this reverses in pictures from later years where his hairline is back to perfection, a fact that set the rumours running.

Bradley Cooper Hair Transplant: Has He Had One?

So, did the Bradley Cooper hair transplant ever take place?

Bradley has never confirmed or denied such rumours, but he also has neither confirmed nor denied another rumour about his hair.

In 2014, the year of his hairline renewal, many outlets published a source-backed rumour that Cooper was taking Propecia.

Propecia, also known as Finasteride, is a drug prescribed to men suffering from an enlarged prostate that turned out to be able to stop hair loss. Cooper has reportedly been taking it for a year since he was anxious due to his family’s history with hair loss.

So, most likely, no, the Bradley Cooper hair transplant did not happen.

Hair Loss in Men

Genetics play a huge part in hair loss; some genes make us more sensitive to dihydrotestosterone (DHT).

DHT is a hormone that binds itself to the hair follicles and causes them to shrink, thinning the hair until it ceases to grow. This is what’s known as male pattern baldness.

Hair Transplant: A Permanent Solution That You Need

Instead of taking doses of drugs for a lengthy period of time, cosmetic surgery offers hair transplant procedure as an option to keep your looks.

They provide natural-looking results by following your hair’s original growth pattern. They also have no potential side effects, unlike Propecia.

Bradley Cooper particularly would benefit from an FUE transplant to maintain himself a better look in the future, and so could you. Hair transplant procedures are the definitive solution to male baldness.

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