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Who Is A Good Candidate For A BREAST REDUCTION

    What is Breast Esthetic?

    Usually, people undergo breast reconstruction when or right after getting a mastectomy.


    Though, breast reconstruction is possible even years after getting a mastectomy. In order to restore natural-looking breast shape, surgeons use implants to alter the shape of the breasts.


    Sometimes we also utilize tissue from other places of the body too.


    Often, as patients get radiotherapy and/or chemotherapy alongside mastectomy, they are not eligible for immediate reconstruction. So patients opt for delayed breast reconstruction.


    Getting a breast cancer diagnosis might be a scary experience, regardless of your background. It can be an emotionally draining experience.


    In order to make a good decision about breast reconstructions, feel free to contact our team to learn more about your experiences.


    Our team will provide you with all the information you need to move forward with a decision.


    Different Types Of Breast Reconstruction

    We have many different options when doing breast reconstruction. There are two main methods:


    • Implants: Our doctors use silicone or saline implants to increase the size of the breast (or both breasts in double mastectomy).


    • Autologous transference: Autologous reconstruction involves grafting tissue from the patient’s own body. Common donor areas include back, belly or thighs. The doctor may also implement an implant alongside autologous reconstruction.


    Implants come in waterdrop and round shapes. Both types have certain characteristics, our team will guide you through them upon your contact.


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    The first thing about people who undergo breast reduction surgery is that they have large breasts. This may lead to several different health complications. 

    The most common problem having large breasts cause is the chronic shoulder, back and/or neck pain. Many people with large breasts regularly resort to painkillers to ease their pain, but this is not a sustainable treatment option. Too much breast tissue may lead to nerve compression and cause pain. Usually, we observe nerve pain between scapulae (shoulder blades). 

    Also, when a person has large breasts, her breast and torso often stay in contact for long periods of time. This may create a skin rash or irritation in some cases.

    On another note, large breasts may restrict physical movements a person can do too. This is a large source of frustration for some. In addition, it is harder to find suitable clothing, especially bras, when you have large breasts. Furthermore, some people with large breasts experience low self-esteem due to how their body looks.

    If you are a smoker, you should consider giving up the habit. To have a healthy recovery process without health complications, you need to give up smoking for a long while. Well, at least a long while. What’s more, if you have heart disease or diabetes, you may not be a suitable candidate for breast reduction surgery. Obese people are unsuitable for breast reduction (and most types of other surgical interventions) as well. 

    There is no age limit for getting a breast reduction surgery. Though if you are planning on having a child in the future, you may want to postpone surgery. Breast reduction may make it harder to breastfeed your children, although there are surgical methods that help you keep your ability to breastfeed.

    If you’re planning on losing weight by means of dietary changes and regular exercise, you can postpone the surgery. Because when people lose weight, usually their breast size changes too. Also, you will not be able to do heavy exercise for a while after breast reduction surgery.

    When you get in touch with our health services for consultation, our doctor will assess your overall health and medical history. Then our doctor will take measurements of your breasts and do an examination. You will have a chance to discuss how you want your breasts to look. We will give a comprehensive explanation of the benefits and the process surrounding this operation. 

    Depending on your health status, our doctor may request you to get various laboratory tests, and maybe a mammogram. Depending on the medication you use, we might need you to cease or downregulate certain medications. Because of some medication, for example, aspirin since it increases bleeding, pose a risk for the surgery. Also having someone to accompany you back to where you accommodate and stay with you for the night is highly recommended.

    Provided that you follow the instructions of our medical staff, you will not have significant hardships going through the surgery. The recovery process after the surgery is not very uncomfortable thanks to advanced medical techniques we utilise. esteGrande Instagram