Can a Soccer Ball Cause Hair Loss?

Can a Soccer Ball Cause Hair Loss? Almost everyone is afraid that their hair will fall out at some point in their lives. One of the biggest causes of hair loss is alopecia areata. This disease is related to the immune system. In short, if you have alopecia areata, your immune system cells to attack and kill your healthy hair follicles.

Can a Soccer Ball Cause Hair Loss?

This situation occurs suddenly and causes bald patches. Besides all these, there are some factors that trigger this disease to increase or progress. The biggest factor that causes alopecia areata is inflammation that can occur on your scalp.

Relationship between a Soccer Ball and Hair Loss

If you are a soccer fan, you probably know that you need to use your head to hit the ball in specific situations while playing. Although hitting the ball with your head provides an advantage in a football match, we cannot say that it provides the same advantage for your hair and scalp. Especially the hits that you get on the front of your head might cause inflammation on your scalp. Of course, this will affect the front hairline in a bad way. As we have mentioned before, the inflammation causes alopecia areata, thus hair loss.

Unfortunately, the frequent traumas that you get on your scalp will make the situation worse since it will cause chronic inflammation on your head. So it’s not a surprise that if you play soccer and hit the ball too often with your head, you will experience hair loss.

Alopecia Areata and Its Treatment Options

Alopecia areata usually makes your hair fall out temporarily. After a short period, the situation will improve, and hair turns back to its original state. In some cases, improvement is observed within six months, while in some cases, within one year. The hair that comes back can appear thinner and whiter sometimes. Although it is rare, in some cases the hair does not come back and recover. Unfortunately, this disease can recur once you experience it.

Alopecia areata is a treatable disease. A doctor might plan the treatment according to your situation. The goal of treatment is to stop the progression of the disease and reduce the severity of the symptoms. In some mild and early cases, hair regrows on its own without the need for any treatment.

The usage of steroids is very common for alopecia areata treatment in the later stages or in the presence of serious symptoms. Firstly, doctors apply steroids in cream form. In the later stages, depending on the situation, he or she may apply steroids to the balding area with an injector. Apart from the steroid group, drugs or a different method called immunotherapy might be the solution for alopecia areata.

If you are suffering from hair loss related to alopecia areata, it is important for you to consult a dermatologist and go for treatments so that the disease does not progress. Contact us if you need further assistance in understanding and treating your hair loss.

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