Can Brushing Too Often Cause Hair Loss?

Can Brushing Too Often Cause Hair Loss? Learning as much as you can about the subject can help you deal with hair loss. On the other hand, misleading information not only throws you off your goal of healthier hair but can even cause harm. False info is the last thing you need when you’re so worried about a receding hairline. One of the most pervasive issues is if brushing causes hair loss. This can get confusing because of the contradicting opinions between different sources. It’s about time to dispel this myth about the effects of brushing on hair loss.

Brushing Provides Hair Benefits

Brushing provides some benefits for your hair. An obvious use of brushing is that it detangles annoying knots. Another benefit to using a brush is that it makes the hair shinier and healthier. There are sebaceous glands that produce natural oils to lubricate your scalp and hair. When you brush your hair, you actually distribute these oils throughout the length of the hair. It’s an easy way to maintain healthy hair, from the roots to the ends. That’s why hair looks shiny after brushing.

Do you notice some hair fall after brushing? Don’t worry. That doesn’t automatically mean that brushing causes hair loss. We lose about 100 hairs every day. That’s only a natural part of the hair’s normal growth cycle. Brushing your hair is a good way to remove all the loose hair on your head. Just make sure you do it gently.

In addition to its benefits on your hair, brushing also benefits the scalp. A good comb-through in gentle, circular movements stimulates blood flow to the surface of the scalp. This provides you with an experience similar to a head massage. Remember, a healthier scalp leads to healthier hair follicles, which in turn leads to healthier hair. 

Brushing Causes Hair Loss

You now know about the impressive benefits of brushing on the health of your hair. However, the question remains: Does brushing too often cause hair loss? The quick answer is yes. There is such a thing as the harm of too much brushing. According to one research, “Brushing is associated with hair loss. Reducing the brushing frequencies may reduce the amount of hair shed.”

This is especially true when you brush with too much vigour. Brushing too much causes friction, which can damage the follicles. Breaking the outer layer of the hair strands leads to split ends and hair fall. You also need to exercise more caution if your hair has been treated with chemicals. This is because chemical treatments can make the hair more sensitive and porous.

If you want to enjoy the benefits of brushing without risking hair loss, observe proper brushing techniques. The process should always be slow and gentle. Avoid brushing your hair when it’s still wet. Hair becomes very flexible and stretches when damp. As a result, your hair is more prone to breakage. Wait until your hair is almost dry and stabilised back to normal before using a brush.

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