Can Egg Yolks Actually Promote Hair Growth?

People have been using egg yolk for quite a long time to promote hair growth. Be it enhancing hair growth or strengthening hair, egg yolk is great with many hair issues. If you are dealing with hair loss problem, having healthy hair seems like a dream.

But did you know that eggs can even help with your hair loss problems too? Yes, egg yolk can cure dandruff and give you shiny hair. But the question is this: Does egg yolk really promote hair growth? Continue reading to know.

Why Are Egg Yolks Good for Your Hair?

Eggs are a rich source of B-complex vitamins, minerals, and proteins. These specific nutrients can help deal with hair loss problems by strengthening the roots of your hair. These can also help in adding volume to your hair, thickening your hair strands, and stimulating new hair growth.

The protein from egg strengthens the hair, and the fats condition and improve the texture of the hair.

How Egg Yolks Promote Hair Growth

Water-soluble peptides derived from the egg yolk stimulate human hair follicle dermal papilla cell growth and VEGF production. According to a study, these peptides increase the hair growth of mice and improve female pattern hair loss. 

Benefits of Egg Yolk

There are a number of benefits of egg yolk. Here are the most prominent ones:

  • It Helps in Hair Growth

Egg yolk stimulates hair growth. By infusing your roots with vitamins, egg yolk makes sure your new hair is less prone to shedding and breakage. 

The protein from egg helps in restoring the damaged keratin. 

  • It Helps to Resist Damage

Since egg yolk is rich in vitamins, they make your hair damage-resistant. Also, as your hair appears dry, yolk tends to moisturise the follicles.

  • It Improves Hair Elasticity

Egg yolks are an excellent source of biotin, which helps in enhancing hair elasticity and hydrating our hair. 

  • It Moisturises the Hair

Eggs are rich in vitamin A and E, folate, and biotin, which moisturise the hair and give life in our dull and dry locks. 

  • It Makes the Hair Shinier

Egg yolk contains proteins, which makes our hair more lustrous.

These are only among the many benefits of eggs for us. There is much more to consuming and using eggs than meets the eye. Also, as a bonus, we included in this article a recipe for making an egg mask for hair fall.

Egg Mask for Hair Fall


  •  1–2 eggs
  •  1 tablespoon castor oil


  • Whisk the eggs and castor oil in the bowl well.
  •  Apply the mask hair from roots to the tips.
  •  Let it sit for about 20 minutes.
  •  Wash it off with cold water.
  •  For faster results, apply the mask once or twice a week.

See for yourself the wonders this mask could do to your hair.


Although using egg for your hair can have a significant impact on your hair, it requires a few weeks of consistent treatment to see the results if you’re suffering from hair loss. While egg yolks improve your hair health and are a simple way to give your hair a treat, it may not work for everyone.

Therefore, if you want any help regarding your hair loss problem, send us a message. Our team offers all-inclusive packages to ensure your comfort and satisfaction throughout the whole hair restoration journey. esteGrande Instagram

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