Can Hair Grow Back from Being Bald?

Can Hair Grow Back from Being Bald? Attachment with your hair is a natural fact. Healthier and strong hair always adds charm to your personality. Also, one’s confidence boosts up when his/her hair looks pretty. It sounds like a nightmare to lose your hair. It is quite natural. Moreover, it also adds a gap in a person’s personality.

Can Hair Grow Back from Being Bald?

Although everyone hates losing hair, it is something you cannot stop if it starts to happen. There are very few men who carry baldness as a part of their personality. But, in general, people do not like being bald.

Factors Leading to Baldness

There are several reasons which cause baldness. Yet, we are mentioning some of them below:

  • Slow growth and thinning of hair.
  • Hair becomes thin around temples and receding of the hairline.
  • Any disease or therapy that leads to hair loss. For instance, typhoid chemotherapy and so on.
  • Lack of important nutrients in your diet.
  • Stress
  • Genetic make-up.

Besides, there are other reasons, as well. That ultimately leads to baldness. There are multiple factors involved in it. Also, secondary reasons are present. Thus, you cannot relate baldness to a single factor. Moreover, one reason triggers the second factor. That stimulates baldness. For instance, stress and environmental factors trigger baldness causing the gene to turn on.

Reasons for Hair Loss that Leads to Baldness

Sometimes, a person does not lose hair throughout his lifetime. On the other hand, some guys become bald in their early thirties. Because they have more tendency to lose hair than others.

The follicles shrivel up. Then, ultimately it loses the ability to regrow any hair again. This is a type of hair loss. It is also known as androgenetic alopecia. It also refers to male pattern baldness. It is curable. Yet, there are few cases in which it is permanent.

How to Get Rid of Baldness?

Sadly, in a few cases, the follicle closes and disappears. Moreover, it has not generated new hair for a long period. Yet do not lose hope. Because in general, the follicle is open. So, hair can regrow in such cases. 

Herbal treatment: there is a herb ‘saw palmetto’. It treats baldness effectively. It is important for those patients who can not use allopathic treatment.

Oral treatment: finasteride is an important solution to androgenetic alopecia. Patients who are in their thirties can use these medicines after the prescription of their doctors. It helps them to regain their hair. Fortunately, the majority of the cases have shown positive results.

Topical treatment: because of allergic reactions or side effects, of oral medicines, one can also treat baldness. Thus they use topical medicines. These medicines stimulate hair growth by various means, for example, by stimulating the potassium channels in follicles.

Transplantation: dermatologists treat the bald region by adding hair follicles there. It is a very advanced method. People are using the surgical procedure in such cases where nothing else affects. Yet, it never fails to show positive outcomes.

Moreover, baldness occurs in seven different steps. Hence, different treatments are present for different steps. However, in the end, we can say that yes, you can regain your hair after baldness.

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