Can Plucking Your Hair Combat Hair Loss?

Did you know that plucking your hair combats hair loss? Well, according to reports, plucking your hair can indeed make them grow.

Well, if there is a tiny bit of truth in the popular saying “If you pluck a grey hair, much more hair will grow in its place,” maybe we could use it to fight baldness.

Hair loss is a big concern among men. While androgenetic alopecia (male pattern baldness) affects the two-thirds of the men in the UK, alopecia also affects nearly 8 million women. In simple words, alopecia is partial or complete hair loss. The problem is often observed on older men.

Also, overall hair loss is now confirmed to have many negative psychological implications. Hair loss can impact a person’s lifestyle by affecting one’s self-confidence and personality. There have been many cures for curing hair loss over the years.

But apparently, one possible cure is plucking your hair. Are you shocked? Well, yes, it’s the truth. But you have to pluck a certain number of hairs in a specific formation.      

How Plucking Can Combat Hair Loss

One dermatologist has shown that if you pluck 200 hair strands in a specific pattern on a mouse, 1,200 hair will grow back in replacement.

According to the study, the plucking of hair in a particular formation can cause hair follicles to regenerate up to five times greater than the surrounding hair that has not been plucked.

This study shows the regeneration of a single hair follicle and regrowth of a number of follicles affected by hair loss.  

Quorum sensing drives hair regeneration. It is the same phenomenon that bacteria and microbial systems use to guide behaviour and communicate.

The study showed that regeneration could occur due to the collective decision-making process. While the study shows plucking can combat hair loss, it is quite early to tell the efficiency of this study. However, the study proposes that the strategies that use regeneration might be a great and alternative option to combat hair loss.  


There are many reasons for hair loss, but there are many treatments for this as well. No need to fret over losing your healthy hair anymore. There are many solutions for you. 

For one, if you are suffering from baldness for a long time, you can go for hair transplantation. Since this process can be expensive and lasts longer, you should get it from a trained and experienced medical team.  

If you’re looking for an experienced doctor for hair transplants, you can always give us a call. Here at our facility, our team offers not only very natural-looking results but also affordable services. Contact us for all-inclusive packages we can offer you to ensure your comfort and satisfaction throughout the whole process.

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