Can Scalp Massage Help You Regain Hair?

Can Scalp Massage Help You Regain Hair? Do you want to thicken your thinning hair or regrow your receding hairline? Well, who doesn’t, right? 

As it turns out, scalp massage can help you with that. 

Yes, you heard it right—a scalp massage. Scalp massages are known to relieve tension and stress. But did you know scalp massages are also a method to promote hair growth? 

You might be thinking that it is just a myth. So let us find out that if scalp massages are simply a way to relax or if they actually promote hair growth. 

What Is a Scalp Massage?

When it comes to scalp massages, they are somewhat similar to the ordinary massage that you get. There is no significant difference from massages that you get on your neck and other places. The only difference in a scalp massage is the pressure and the force with which the massage takes place.

There is a gentle technique of massaging your scalp using your smooth fingertips. You can also use some good-quality oil that can make the process more soothing.

Can Scalp Massage Help You Regain Hair?

Many studies have shown that scalp massages are a great way to regain your hair. In fact, there are many reasons that support these studies. The way a scalp massage works leads to the growth of hair.

When you massage your hair, you are boosting the flow of blood that runs through your scalp. Also, the cells that are present in our scalp widens with a gentle massage. Thus, when you massage your hair gently during a scalp massage, you are helping your hair grow thicker than before. In some cases, there is also a decrease in hair loss amounts. 

In some research, there were also some cases wherein there was a drastic hair growth result in people. Even with only four minutes of massage every third day, the hair growth was incredibly palpable.

Thus, scalp massages do work very well when it comes to promoting hair growth. When you are seeking for ways of how you can regain your hair, scalp massage can play a significant role.

How to Do a Scalp Massage?

Now you must be thinking about how to get a scalp massage yourself. Also, you must be looking for some tips to keep in mind while having a scalp massage. Here are some of the tips and ways that you can use to get a proper scalp massage treatment.

You must use oil that suits your hair. You should also keep in mind to avoid combing your hair in a hard manner when the massage process is taking place. In this manner, you will be successful in getting a good scalp massage.


So next time, don’t just skip your hair massage. Make a routine to massage your hair once or twice a week if you want your hair to look healthy and gorgeous. Especially if you are suffering from hair loss issues, then scalp massage is essential for you. 

However, if you still don’t observe any noticeable changes to your hair even with constant care and massage, you must seek advice from an expert. You can get in touch with us for any hair-related issues. With our team of skilled professionals, we are here to deal with any hair loss problems you may be facing.

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