Can Steroids Cause Hair Loss?

If you start to notice receding hairline, chances are you’re starting to experience hair loss. Things can seem pretty hopeless. Then you begin to ask, “What causes hair loss?” And maybe one of the questions you ask would be, “Can steroids cause hair loss?”

Hair loss is a condition both men and women may experience at some point in their lives as a result of genetics and medications. In fact, hair loss is a common side effect of many medications. Hair loss types are temporary, while others, like pattern baldness, are permanent. This may lower a person’s self-esteem and confidence.

What Are Steroids?

Steroids are chemical substances that occur naturally in your body. It helps organs, tissues, and cells to perform their respective roles. So man-made steroids act like the natural steroids our body produces. Tablets, injections, inhalers, and lotions are usual forms of man-made steroids. Steroids are doctor-prescribed to treat asthma, atopic eczema, hay fever, multiple sclerosis, Crohn’s disease, among many others. Doctors also use steroids to reduce inflammation. Moreover, steroids are also used to suppress the immune system.

What Causes Hair Loss?

Male pattern baldness is because of producing too much of the male hormone dihydrotestosterone, or DHT. It attaches to the hair follicles and over time causes the hair follicle to shrink. It can cause the follicles to shrink in size; thereby, hair produced will be weaker. The follicles can eventually die, causing baldness.

How Can Steroids Cause Hair Loss?

Steroids can increase hair loss if you are genetically prone to male pattern baldness. So if you’re prone to male pattern baldness, then your body already has high levels of DHT. Use of steroids can only increase the production of DHT, resulting in baldness more quickly.

How Can I Prevent Hair Loss from Steroids?

If you’re experiencing hair loss due to steroids, discontinue the use of steroids as their continuous use can lead to permanent baldness. Nevertheless, stopping steroids abruptly is a bad idea as it can trigger fatigue, restlessness, mood swings, muscle ache, and depression. If you have been taking steroids to treat any illness, the particular symptoms may reappear. Hence, slowly reducing the dose is always the safer option. Seek the help of your doctor to maintain a healthy intake of steroids.

In most cases, hair growth returns to its previous state once you’ve stopped taking the medication that causes hair loss. Hair loss can still be prevented. However, if it’s already too late for natural regrowth, then go for a hair transplant. Hair transplant is the best option for replacing the lost hair. The process is the quickest and most effective way of resolving hair loss. Two of the best and preferred techniques are follicular unit extraction (FUE) and direct hair implantation (DHI).

If you think this is the option for you, you can get in touch with us. Our team offers all-inclusive packages to patients all over the world for this type of treatment.

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