Can Women That Are Breastfeeding Have A Hair Transplant

Can Women That Are Breastfeeding Have A Hair Transplant, Pregnancy is one of the blissful events that could happen to a woman. 

This is also one of the most challenging and stressful moments in a woman’s life. The chaos would come from physical, emotional, and psychological changes during pregnancy.

Can Women That Are Breastfeeding Have A Hair Transplant

Your hormones get erratic at this point. More so, you experience hair loss, weight gain, muscle pain, and mood swings.

Many women would have hair thinning and hair loss before and even after childbirth. This could be very alarming to the point that women would decide to have a hair transplant right away.

This has posed questions as to whether it would be safe for breastfeeding women to have a hair transplant.

What is a Hair Transplant Procedure?

This is an elective surgical procedure that harvests hair follicles from a donor region and then implants it to the bald areas or recipient region of the scalp. 

Surgery would either be by DHI hair transplant or FUE hair transplant.

Can You Have a Hair Transplant During the Breastfeeding Process?

As hair transplant is an elective surgical procedure, you can postpone and wait until after 1 year of delivery or once breastfeeding is complete.

Some surgeons would advise waiting until nine months at the very least before having any surgical procedure done. 

Many women feel the urgency to get a hair transplant done right away because of the hair shedding or hair loss experienced at this time.

However, surgeons or physicians would recommend waiting it out. At this active period of hair shedding, it would be difficult to determine the areas for placing the grafts. 

The goal here is to achieve excellent cosmetic results, and it would be very challenging to do that during the active hair shedding phase.  

Medications are also used during the hair restoration procedure, which could affect the quality and quantity of breast milk. If you are looking for the best cosmetic results, then this could be a hindrance to that goal.

Hair Shedding Will Stop On Its Own

The hair transplant procedure is very safe. However, it is best to wait and not hurry the process because hair shedding can actually stop on its own. 

This is a purely hormonal effect and should resolve after a couple of months following childbirth. It would be very premature then to contemplate getting a hair transplant done while still breastfeeding.

Even though the medications are very safe, it is advisable to wait until after a year or so to avoid any chemical to get into the breast milk. 

It would also save time and money to wait until your body has fully recovered from pregnancy and childbirth before planning on getting a hair transplant done.

As mentioned, hair loss or hair shedding at this phase of a woman’s life is normal and nothing permanent. It would eventually resolve on its own given some time. 

While yes, it is safe to get a hair transplant anytime, breastfeeding women must allow their bodies time to recuperate. 

After a year, you can then decide whether a hair transplant is the right procedure for your condition.

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