Can You Get the Hair of Your Dreams from Extensions?

Can You Get the Hair of Your Dreams from Extensions? Everybody wants to wake up one day and have the hair of their dreams. Some walk into a salon and, just a few hours later, walk out with the hair they’ve always wanted to achieve. This is why most of us easily buy products or services that promise instant hair transformation.

Can You Get the Hair of Your Dreams from Extensions?

Hair extensions are the most common hair replacement methods. People try to achieve voluminous hair through hair extensions. Some people who suffer from hair thinning and baldness also try to resolve the problem through hair extensions. There are different types and methods of hair extensions, both synthetic or real hair. They also differ in price, durability, and result. 

One of these hair extension methods is the microdot technique. In this technique, a mesh of human hair extensions is implanted to the scalp and mixed with the natural hair to cover any thinning or balding areas. However, the New York Daily News reports that a dissatisfied customer asserts that extensions have caused such damage to her natural hair to the point that she has been left bald. A hair surgeon finds it no surprise for the procedure to cause extensive hair loss. And here are the reasons why:

1. Any application that puts stress on the hair rubs it or concerns the follicle is likely to head to hair loss, especially if utilised over a long period of time. 

Hair extensions cause stress on the roots of our hair. It’s important to balance the hair density to avoid undesirable tension on natural hair. Proper placement of extensions is also crucial. It should be placed where the hair is most potent. In this way, the extensions will work the way it should. 

However, for those suffering from alopecia, there are no other products or methods that can permanently shift hair loss and stimulate the growth of new hair. The only way to retrieve the hairline is by hair transplantation. Hair restoration is the process of donating one’s own hair to the balding areas. 

2. There’s a lack of regulation in cosmetic beauty procedures.

Despite the risk of this hair extension method, it will continue to sell. And a lot more risky and ineffective products and procedures as well. This is all because of the lack of proper regulation, leaving people open to risks. Some beauticians perform invasive treatments without undergoing medical training, yet they claim that they can offer the service.

Therefore, be very particular on the credibility of the clinic, surgeon, and procedures being offered to you. Do your own research before agreeing to a certain procedure.

For anyone looking into a hair replacement system to hide baldness or thinning hair, it is best to get it from a skilled professional. A wig, extension, or other systems should never damage, pull out, or put further stress on your natural hairs. Nothing good truly comes easy. Don’t be fooled by hair treatments that promise you instant results. Contact us if you need further assistance in understanding and treating your hair loss.

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