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Top 3 Topical Finasteride Myths

Top 3 Topical Finasteride Myths, Over 70% of the male population face hair loss and balding problems. There is a lot of ongoing research and development to discover an answer to this.

Can Hair Grow Back from Being Bald?

Can Hair Grow Back from Being Bald? Attachment with your hair is a natural fact. Healthier and strong hair always adds charm to your personality.

Is Beard Transplant Worthy?

Is Beard Transplant Worthy? Fashion is like a wind storm. It comes and goes. There is a unique thing about fashion. That is, it never fails to attract

Women Athletes’ Hair Loss

Women Athletes’ Hair Loss, Just by looking at a picture of any assembly of professional women’s sports, you can notice something common. With one look

Diet Tips For Healthy Hair

Diet Tips For Healthy Hair, Having a healthy and well-balanced diet provides your hair with the right nourishment it needs to grow. Yes, the food you eat plays an important role in maintaining the strength, volume, and health of your tresses.

The Rise of Beards and Beard Transplants

The Rise of Beards and Beard Transplants, Men can experience beard loss due to various reasons. If the cause is due to hormone changes, diseases or drugs

Hair Loss Diagnosis Methods

Hair Loss Diagnosis Methods, Out of all hair loss diagnostic methods, the most classic one is the physical exam that includes a pull test. In this method, the doctor pulls out a number of your hair.