Celebrities with Hair Transplant, Many celebrities spent a fortune just for their appearance. This is something they would never let go of. There is a reason why we always see them shiny and glamorous. While liposuction and rhinoplasty are the most common plastic surgery among celebrities, hair transplant procedure is at the top of the list.

Voluminous, healthy and shiny hair is one of the most important aspects of our look. Genetics or external factors such as heat and chemical treatments might cause losing hair. When it comes to celebrities, it is normal for them to lose hair if you think about how much treatments that they do on their hair daily. 

A hair transplant is a cosmetic surgery operated by a doctor. The healthy hair follicles are taken by the specialist and planted on the bald areas. This procedure is very easy and does not have major risks. So, it is the easiest way to bring your permanently lost hair back. Here are the names of some celebrities that went under hair transplant surgery:


If you are a football fan you probably have heard the name of Quaresma. He won Portugal’s player of the year award two times and currently playing in a Turkish team Beşiktaş. He was struggling with hair loss for many years, in his own words, it was affecting his self-confidence in a bad way. His surgery was so successful that it is almost impossible to believe that he was bald once. 

2)Gordon Ramsay

He is one of the most famous celebrity chefs in the world. If you are into cooking, you might know him and his glamorous blonde hair. Although he did not speak about getting hair transplant surgery himself, he was seen with a surgical bandage around his head, getting out of a clinic. So we can say he owes his beautiful hair to a hair transplant. 

3)Matthew McConaughey

Forty-nine years old Oscar winner actor has a dreamy look. He had hair at his youth, but as time went by, he started to lose them. He went under a hair transplant surgery back in 2005, regained his hair and still have perfect hair today.

4)Mel Gibson

Mel Gibson has been known for his hair if you think about his early films as Braveheart you would remember the awesome thick hair he had. As he got older, he started to lose his hair, but he turned it all around and got back his hair thanks to the hair transplant surgery. 


The U2 frontman also overcame his hair loss problem by hair transplant surgery in the early years of his career. Today he is over 45 and still has awesome long hair. 

6)Sir Elton John

Sir Elton John is not only famous for his piano skills, but also he is one of the first celebrities who went through a hair transplant surgery. You can look up his pictures on the 70s and see that he was balding. Even though his age, he still has voluminous hair today. esteGrande Instagram

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