An Afro Hair Transplant could be preferred as a treatment by people with Afro or curly hair. This kind of hair needs to be analyzed thoroughly and dealt with professionally since each graft needs to be planted at a different angle. 

The first step of a Hair Transplant is studying the patient’s hair type accordingly. Knowing the way that race and hair type are related has great importance when it comes to Afro Hair Transplants. To get a great result, special attention must be paid to satisfying the needs of the ethnic characteristics. During the analysis, several components such as the scalp, planting angle, and the estimation of grafts are taken into account.

What Is Your Hair Type?

To understand the way how your hair should be treated, you should identify the type of Afro Hair you have. Is it curly, wavy, or straight? In general, Afro Hair falls under a category from A to C indicating the type of curls you have. As it goes from A to C, your hair gets tighter. Below, you could find more information about each type. 

  1. Curly Hair

If you have large, bouncy curls with volume, it falls under this category. Curly Afro Hair can be frizzy which causes dryness. For this type of Afro Hair, it is advised to deep condition your hair occasionally.

  • Wavy Hair

People with Wavy Afro Hair still have curls but they are not tighter as Curly Afro Hair. The curls are more likely to resemble beach waves. It usually has less volume than Curly Afro Hair, while having similar quantities to Straight Afro Hair.

  • Straight Hair

If your hair doesn’t have curls or has a wave pattern, it may be Straight Afro Hair. It is easier to maintain this type of Afro Hair since the chances of experiencing dryness, and brittle ends are lower.

What Makes Afro Hair Transplant Different?

Even though Afro Hair is identical to other hair types, there are some important distinctions. Afro Hair needs an extensive categorization through a highly specialized technique since there are different Afro Hair Textures. Afro Hair patients may have looser, tighter, delicate, or ring-type of curls. Another specialty of Afro Hair is being naturally drier than other types of hair. Since it is drier, it needs more moisture, and oil produced by the scalp called sebum. When it comes to Afro Hair, this oil cannot circulate through the tightly curled structure of the hair.

Since black males usually prefer a straighter line instead of a zigzag pattern preferred mostly by other ethnicities, it is important to get the angle positioning right in Afro Hair. For this reason, the aim of the doctors is to give the patients a natural hairline that looks tidy. 

In the end, carrying an Afro Hair Transplant requires extensive knowledge and experience. The patient’s needs should be taken into account while maintaining a sensitive understanding of the culture. esteGrande’s experienced doctors have been professionally approaching the patients while considering the quality, and affordability during the whole process which makes them an excellent choice to trust for an Afro Hair Transplant. Feel free to contact us 7/24 if you would like to get further information about Afro Hair Transplant. Write to us, give us a call, or visit our hospital for a consultation.


Afro Hair Transplant

Men or women with baldness, partial or complete, could get a Hair Transplant as a solution for their hair loss problem. An Afro Hair Transplant is more complex than other transplants because Afro Hair has a curly root. It is important to take the patient’s needs into account during the analysis, and face-to-face consultation to ensure the satisfaction of the patient.

What Are The Reasons for Hair Loss?

There are several reasons behind hair loss that apply to Afro Hair as well. These can range from purely stress to the mistreatment of hair. Other causes could be androgenic alopecia, systemic lupus erythematosus, frontal fibrosing alopecia, lichen planopilaris, or traction alopecia.


What Are The Procedures For Afro Hair Transplant?

There are two preferred procedures for Afro Hair Transplant: FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation) and FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction). If you have done your research on Afro Hair Transplant, you might come across these two procedures before.

Being an outdated procedure now, during FUT, a strip of skin is cut from the scalp of the donor area (back of your head). This strip is cut accordingly to the number of follicles needed to cover the baldness. After the follicles are removed, they are inserted back into your scalp. Due to its nature to leave a scar in your donor area, it left its place to FUE.

The newest technique commonly used in Turkey for Hair Transplants is FUE. During an FUE Hair Transplant, the grafts are collected individually by micro pens and inserted into canals by the doctor. Grafts are extracted from the donor areas at the back and sides, if necessary, of the head. It is a precise procedure without being invasive and uncomfortable. 

It has become more popular because it doesn’t lead to a “hair plug” look which is a problem with FUT. A hair plug occurs when the transplanted skin doesn’t match the surrounding areas. Also, FUE doesn’t leave a big scar like FUT. So, it is a scar-free and painless procedure. FUE Hair Transplant provides the most natural-looking results with little to no risks at all. Still, an experienced team should carry out FUE Hair Transplant as well. The quality of tools used during the Hair Transplant greatly affects the success of the outcome. That is why we use the best possible tools to operate FUE Hair Transplant in esteGrande. 

What Makes Afro Hair Transplant Different?

Afro Hair Transplant is more challenging since Afro Hair has curling roots which makes it hard to remove the grafts without harming them. That is why it is important to get your hair analyzed by an experienced doctor first before performing the procedure. It is important to know that even if it has difficulty, it is not impossible to have an Afro Hair Transplant. With our skilled doctors, we successfully operate hundreds of Afro Hair Transplants that have great results. Feel free to contact us 7/24 if you would like to get further information about Afro Hair Transplant. Write to us, give a call, or visit our hospital for a consultation.

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