Chest to Scalp Hair Transplant

Chest to Scalp Hair Transplant, In the most popular methods for hair transplantation, the first alternative site is the nape of the patient. Hair transplant specialists generally prefer to take hair from the area where there is plenty of hair. However, some men do not have enough hair in the donor area. For this problem, hair transplant using chest hair is possible. Usually, you observe the desired results from hair transplant from chest hair.

There is no technical difference between hair transplantation by taking chest hairs and hair transplantation from the nape. In both, root extraction is possible by FUE or DHI method. The difference is the number of grafts. Multiple hair follicles exist in a single graft taken from the scalp, whereas body hair has unique features. Therefore, if the person desires very dense hair, chest hair should also be dense.

If you want to eliminate baldness completely, doctors may have to make use of all of the sources. Because of the nature of the chest, performing the operation could be more complicated than the nape. It is not possible to work in very large areas of the chest. This is because it is difficult to localize the chest. Therefore, it is possible to have more than one session. 

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Chest Hair Transplantation?

In hair transplant technique from chest hair, specialists take healthy hair roots one by one. Since you will be under the effect of local anaesthesia, you will feel no pain during the operation. There won’t be any scar in the chest area. The structure and density of the chest hair are usually suitable for planting. However, if the hairs are curly or very thin, it may be more appropriate to use other alternative donor areas.

Slight redness may occur for a few days depending on the sensitivity of the skin. It would be best if you protect your chest area from excessive heat, cold and sunlight within the time your doctor tells you. Then the process will return to its ordinary course.

 Is the healing process different after hair transplantation from the chest?

The first question that comes to the mind of many people who will have a hair transplant from chest hair is whether the healing period will take a long time or not. There is no difference in the hair growth or healing process. The process of hair transplantation from the chest hair proceeds in the same way as in conventional hair transplantation. After having hair transplantation from the chest hair, the healing of your chest area happens in a very short time. 

Right Technical Equipment and Expert Teams will Help You in This Process

Your doctor will determine the first wash. It is usually in the first 48 hours. You may experience crusting and shock shedding. Within the first three months, new hair roots begin to grow. Within six months, a large part of your new hair begins to grow. However, it will be at the end of one year for the hair to take its full shape.

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Dyeing Your Transplanted Hair

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