Who Is A Good Candidate For A CLOSED NOSE SURGERY

    Closed nose surgery, Most patients wonder whether they get any scars after having nose surgery. Thanks to the endonasal approach, patients can now have nose surgery without worrying about the injuries.

    We have already mentioned rhinoplasty techniques in our several articles. But let’s explain it briefly again.

    There are two types of rhinoplasty techniques available for the patients. One of them is the more commonly known open rhinoplasty. In open rhinoplasty surgeries, the surgeon makes a small bridging incision on the patient’s nose. This incision separates the right and left nostrils. They then lift the nasal skin so that they get better visibility of the lower nasal area.

    As you can see, it is a very ‘surgical’ operation that requires a lot of technique. However, in some cases, patients prefer the endonasal approach. Now, let’s take a more in-depth look at this technique.

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    Frequently Asked Questions About the BREAST LIFT Method

    In the endonasal approach, surgeons do not expose the nasal structure. Instead, they make incisions in various locations on the nasal membrane. They allow surgeons to access different parts of the nose framework without needing to expose it.

    Since it isn’t as ‘surgical’ as the external approach, closed rhinoplasty operations have shorter recovery times. They also don’t leave any visible scars afterwards. And the good thing about the endonasal approach is that surgeons can implement it in most cases.

    Performing a closed rhinoplasty, as you can guess, limits the visibility of the nose structure for the surgeon. Although surgeons use endoscopes to increase visualization, it is still a very challenging technique compared to open rhinoplasty. So, they require more skill, knowledge and experience on the surgeon’s side.

    Patients prefer the endonasal approach for both functional and aesthetic purposes. Closed rhinoplasty surgery can address concerns regarding:

    • the angle of your nose
    • Nose bump
    • your nose’s shape
    • the size of your nose

    Now let’s take a look at the advantages of the endonasal approach.

    There are several advantages of the endonasal approach compared to the external technique. These advantages include:

    • The procedure takes much shorter compared to open surgery.
    • There are no visible incision or suture marks after the operation. It doesn’t leave any scars on the base of the nose.
    • Swelling goes away more quickly.
    • The recovery period is shorter.

    The endonasal approach has some favourable advantages over the open procedure. However, they are much more challenging to implement, meaning that it requires expertise and experience on your surgeon’s side. Also, it may not be suitable for patients who want to have dramatic changes on their nose.

    We should also note that experts do not recommend closed rhinoplasty for candidates under the age of 18 unless it’s for functional purposes.

    Closed nose surgeries may sometimes have mild to moderate side-effects on some patients. Your surgeon will explain to you in detail what they might be and whether you have a chance of experiencing them.

    Some swelling may occur around the nose, cheeks, and eyes immediately after the surgery. Most patients can return to their normal life after 2 or 3 days from their operation. However, we advise you not to go to work for a week to avoid any complication.

    The swelling will have gone away significantly by the second week. You should avoid blowing your nose during this time. 

    Your wounds will have healed entirely in the third week. You can start to exercise once you have reached the third week if you want. But be sure to avoid exposing your nose to the sun until the sixth week. You will see your final results within a year.

    If you are searching for a nose job, going for endonasal approach can be the reasonable thing to do. Please feel free to contact us to get detailed information about closed nose surgery.


    Q: How long do the results last in closed nose surgeries?

    A: Closed nose surgeries provide patients with permanent results with only a single session.

    Q: Is closed nose surgery better than an open one?

    A: Saying that one is better than the other would be misleading. Each technique has various advantages. So, what is better for you entirely depends on what you want out of this operation. esteGrande Instagram