Conditions That Cause Hair Loss in Children

Conditions That Cause Hair Loss in Children, Our weak hair strands shed to regenerate themselves. Therefore, our hair replaces itself every day gradually. However, this shedding should be in a particular proportion. Excessive shedding is the first indicator of hair loss. Hair loss does not occur only in adults. It can be seen in newborn babies and adolescents. Small amounts of hair loss are not a problem, but severe hair loss is an issue which may be an indication of a severe health problem.

If hair loss is observed in children, you should consult a skin-care specialist and find the cause of the hair loss. The most common reason for hair loss in children is an unhealthy diet. If necessary vitamins and minerals are not taken, hair loss occurs inevitably. Moreover, improper hair-care damages the hair and may cause shedding. The contents of hair-care products are crucial for maintaining healthy hair for children.

Causes of Hair Loss in Children

Hair loss is not only a health problem in adults; it can also be seen in adolescents and children, including newborn babies. Sparse hair loss is not a serious problem, but intense hair loss can be a harbinger of a serious condition. Here you can find some of the reasons for hair loss.

  • Deficiencies of B12, iron, vitamins, and zinc are the leading cause of hair loss.
  • Hair fungus occurs as a result of inflammation seen at the bottom of the hair. The fungus causes problems such as drying on the scalp.
  • Various diseases also cause hair loss. Especially lupus disease prevents new hair growth. Redness, blisters, and scaling may occur on the scalp during or after lupus.
  • Trichotillomania may be one of the causes of hair loss in children. Children can pull their hair strands and eyebrows and cannot restrain themselves.
  • Alopecia areata is the most common reason for hair loss in children. This disorder, which is encountered without gender discrimination, usually starts in childhood or adolescence. A weak immune system causes alopecia. Hair follicles cannot be nourished enough due to this disease.
  • Many products used for hair, especially shampoo, contain chemical substances. Besides, hair stylers also cause hair loss.

Some improper practices can also cause hair loss, especially in girls. Ponytails and braids may adversely affect the hair strands because of the constant pulling force. Also, frequent washing, combing, and brushing can also cause hair thinning and loss.

Treatment of Hair Loss in Children

The treatment of hair loss in children varies, depending on the causative agent. You can see below the diseases that cause hair loss and related treatments.

  • In hair loss due to fungal infection, it is necessary to identify the certain problem that causes the loss. 
  • In the case of hair loss due to vitamin or mineral deficiency, a balanced diet should mainly be focused on vegetables and fruits. Regardless of the cause, you need to remember that the body needs enough protein to maintain hair growth.
  • Psychological hair loss, such as hair picking disorder and stress, can lead to baldness in later years if left untreated. Therefore, you should see a psychologist and ensure that your child receives treatment for it.

On the other hand, some homemade treatments can be useful for treating hair loss. By combining the gel in the aloe vera with water, you can prepare a mixture for your baby after the shower. After bathing, washing your baby’s hair with this mixture helps make her hair grow thicker and longer.

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