David Beckham Hair Transplant, Footballer, fashion star, a modern cultural icon, and the sex idol that women still dream about some decades later. Everything that David Beckham touches appears to turn into gold from the very first day he came into the spotlight. 

Showing a young, promising talent in the sport since age eleven, David entered the ranks of Manchester United in 1995. Several titles later, Beckham rose to the status of national hero when he scored a free-kick against Greece in 2001. Thus, allowing England to qualify for the world cup. 

Since the moment of his rise to prominence, Beckham has been a notoriously mediatic figure. His charming looks and sense of style made him an icon whose fame is almost Royal-like in England. 

His particular style of fashion excels in setting hair trends, which is why everyone found amusing when he was balding in 2018. 

What followed raised even more eyebrows, however, when he reappeared later that same year sporting a seemingly full head of hair. Rumours of a David Beckham hair transplant instantaneously entered the national conversation. 

Hair Before and Now 

As stated, Beckham’s career has been marked as much as by titles as for the hairstyle he sported when winning them. He has worn almost everything: shaven, parted, long pulled back, mohawk, and, even for a sec, cornrows. You name it, Beckham probably rocked it. 

Since his hair is so iconic, his most adoring fans panicked when paparazzi photos caught him in Miami with very sparse hair on his head in 2018. Beckham looked like one severe case of late-stage balding instead of a fashionably shaven head. 

A few months later, however, he appeared with what seemed like a full head of hair in an event in the city of Hong Kong. So what was going on? 

David Beckham Hair Transplant: Has He Had One? 

This question divides the audience and experts alike. Many point out that the balding head in Miami was a tell-tale sign that a David Beckham hair transplant using an FUE technique happened.

Those who claim this support this by asserting that Beckham looks match FUE hair transplant patients’ months after the surgery. They further claim the appearance in Hong Kong is another proof. They say that his hairline looked unnatural due to bolstering by using hair thickener spray to mask it, so it isn’t noticeable. 

The next year David’s hairline looked a bit straighter but still had slight curves at the side foretelling future receding. This would put into question if David Beckham had a hair transplant in the end since, by now, it should look much fuller. 

Experts agree that he was using thickener spray during his infamous Hong Kong outing. But mostly dismiss that the David Beckham hair transplant took place. But that doesn’t mean it won’t!

Hair Loss in Men 

Hair loss is mostly genetic, and genes of one or both of our parents inherit this, these genes make us more sensitive to dihydrotestosterone (DHT). The hormone DHT leads to hair follicles to progressively shrink until they grow no more, causing baldness. It usually hits a man in his 40s, making Beckham a timely victim of it. 

Hair Transplant Procedure 

There’s a way of fixing baldness, however. If a hair follicle won’t grow, get another one that will. That is precisely what a follicular unit excision (FUE) hair transplant is all about. 

Our surgeon extracts follicles from the back of your scalp to graft them into the balding area though microincision. The results blend perfectly since our surgeon places the grafts following your hair’s natural growth pattern.

You don’t have to have a Beckham-sized bank account to undergo it either. Our surgeons perform high-quality hair transplants for affordable prices. Get in touch with us if you want to beat Beckham at something by getting yours first.

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