Our Founder

Our Founder - Caroline Yılmaz
Caroline Yılmaz




esteGrande is one of the brands of Grande Health Group. It was established 9 years ago by Miss Yilmaz, a well known business woman in Turkey. She has great experience in health, tourism and media.

esteGrande has 2 mottos:

1-) “No more gambling in health market abroad.”

2-) “We take care of you like a child.”


esteGrande has a wide medical, operational, sales and quality team.

esteGrande employees are very experienced, dedicated and high quality profiles who have been working for the brand for many years.


The operations are done in both in European and Asian sides of Istanbul/ Turkey. So, you can choose any airports.

The service quality in all hospitals are stabilized. Same procedures, same quality, same pricing and same patient satisfaction.