Are Hair Transplants Painful?

Are Hair Transplants Painful? people who want to have hair transplantation want to know how much trouble they will have during and after the operation. During the hair transplant operation, under normal circumstances, you will not feel any pain. Because you will be under local anaesthesia during the operation. During the local anaesthesia, the patient is fully conscious and alert. As the local anaesthesia effect gets alleviated, doctors may repeat during the process.

Are Hair Transplants Painful?

After the hair transplantation operations, there is almost no pain. 85 of the 100 hair transplanters did not experience any pain after hair transplantation. Only 15% stated that they felt a slight pain, and this feeling disappeared with painkillers. 

Local anaesthesia with a needle also makes some people anxious, especially those with needle phobia. Although the sensation of burning varies according to the individual, an adult can easily tolerate this burning sensation which lasts for a few minutes. The main reason for this prevents the patient from stretching against the needle. The patient will lie on his back during the operation. He can watch television or rest during the process without feeling any pain.

Jet Injector

For those who are afraid of needles and those who do not want to experience the pain of injection, doctors may prefer the jet injector to ensure the completion of the process.

In this method, hair transplantation centres inject local anaesthesia needles under the skin in seconds with the help of a special medical device. The jet injector is a much thinner and faster device than the normal needle. It reduces the pain or stresses the patient will experience. Fine needle tips and rapid application have reduced the pain during local anaesthesia.

Hair Transplantation With FUE Method

Many of the clinics use the FUE technique in hair transplantation field in our country. People who undergo hair transplantation with the FUE technique, a newer hair transplantation method than the FUT method, have a painless operation.

In FUE method, there is no scarring, and the person does not feel any pain, unlike the FUT method. Hair specialists perform painless hair transplantation operations with micro punches. A person can watch movies, chat and even sleep with today’s technology.

Pain After Hair Transplantation

When local anaesthesia loses its effect, pain begins to occur at the nape of the patient and in the planting area. For this, doctors provide patients with pain medication. We recommend you to drink your painkillers regularly. Even if you do not have pain in the first 3 days, take the medication in the morning or in the evening. It is not easy to suppress the pain thoroughly after this process, 

The probable period of pain is the first 10 days when the tiny wounds begin to heal with the roots. Pain after hair transplantation varies from person to person but manifests itself in this period. During this time, the wounds in the donor area start to heal, the hair follicles begin to bind and adapt to the new planting areas.

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