Beard transplantation progresses in the form of transferring hair follicles from certain parts of the body to the beardless area. Similar to hair transplantation, hair transplantation is carried out within 4 to 6 hours by FUE and DHI methods. During the operation, the grafts taken from the donor area one by one, painlessly under local anesthesia, are planted to the face one by one. 1000 to 3000 thousand grafts (parts of tissue consisting of hair follicles and some skin) are used to ensure a frequent beard transplant. Since the person’s own hair follicles are used, this process is very safe and provides natural results. In addition, since no incisions are opened during the beard transplantation operation, no stitches are removed; therefore, there is no possibility of scars on the face after the procedure.

The process of beard transplant in Turkey/Istanbul

The first step for a beard transplant in Turkey is to send your medical history, a photo of your face and beard, and a photo of the donor area. During an online consultation, you and your doctor will discuss your expectations and the risks and benefits of surgery. Together, you will determine if you are a good candidate for a beard transplant and which method is right for you. Once you arrive in Istanbul, you’ll meet your medical consultant. The beard transplantation is commonly scheduled for the following day. Be positive to have a very good breakfast however keep away from coffee. In the clinic, you’ll have some tests. Your doctor will study your hair and beard and finalize the choice on what number of grafts are wanted in your man or woman case.  Afterwards, you’ll be organized for the procedure. The beard transplantation is executed by local anesthesia. The period of a ordinary beard transplantation takes from 6 to 8 hours.

Before and After Beard Transplantation

Many men like their bearded appearance and use a beard. However, beards can fall out and become sparse due to certain environmental and genetic factors, just like hair. As can be easily understood from the images before and after beard transplantation, this process makes a big difference in people’s appearance.

Differences in the images before and after beard transplantation lead people to have this operation done. Beard transplantation helps to provide the desired appearances of people under appropriate conditions and by specialist doctors. It is an important part of the appearance of men, as in beards, mustaches and hair. Beard transplantation surgery is often one of the preferred applications in cases where beards are shed for certain reasons or do not have a beard regionally. Beard transplantation is a kind of aesthetic operation. In order to give effective results and prevent any health problems, it is important to be applied in sterile conditions and by specialist physicians in their fields. It is an extremely effortless practice if the appropriate conditions are met. People who need beard transplantation seek the help of specialist physicians to grow their beard again with a natural appearance and request the beard transplantation process. Today, beard transplantation has become a procedure applied in many centers in Istanbul and other provinces.

Sapphire Fue Hair Transplant in Turkey

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Hairtransplant Aftercare

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